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For the Elsa cosplay that i made, i received all my fabric on Ebay. The cape fabric on the other hand, i actually got Lucky at a Walmart for finding it, cause as soon as i came back for more of the fabric, they had no more star organzy. The skirt part, i actually took the fabric off a dress that i bought during prom time for those people and went "I need this more than them" xD. 4hours later it was done. 3months later, it was all blinged out. So that is the witch raft i used to make this dress.

*reads your description like it’s a teaching from the gods*

omg thank you so much for sharing this. I rarely make cosplays, but when i do, my laziness takes control over everything when it comes to find the precise fabric or detail or anything. YOU’RE TEACHING ME SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA

hahaha the prom dress though xD

WAIT… WITHIN 4 HOURS ?? and then only 3 months ? okay idk if i should hate you or behold you right now.

thanks for explaning your witchcraft yeah hahah

I was downtown with my best friend and her tumblr friend we were meeting up with yesterday. We were sitting in a booth by a window at Panera Bread when I noticed a figure standing at the window through the corner of my eye. I turn my head and there’s a young male wearing a skeleton designed ski mask looking in on us. I let the others know of his presence and they both look at him as well. After that, he looked down and pointed at my best friend’s Korrasami drawing, gave us a thumbs up, and walked on. Truly a magical moment that was.

Playlist Shuffle thingy

soooo… adorable-elsanna tagged me, and well… i dunno
here is the copy-paste about this

You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, media player, etc and write down the first 20 songs then pass this on to 10 other people. There is only one rule: no skipping.

and thus, here is my list (i didn’t used my iTunes since it’s full of pony-related music)

1.- Tangerine kitty - Dumb ways to die

2.- The hanging tree (hunger games arrangement) - don’t remember the artist

3.- The offspring - You’re gonna go far, kid

4.- The parting glass (AC 4 game soundtrack)

5.- Tiny tim - Living in the sunshine

6.- Weird Al Yankovic - A complicated song

7.- Of monsters and men - your bones

8.-Frozen heart (Disney’s Frozen soundtrack)

9.-We know better (outtake)

10.-Love is an open door (disney’s Frozen soundtrack)

11.-more than just the spare (outtake)

12.-you’re you (outtake)

13.- life’s too short (outtake)

14.- coeur de pirate - Place de la république

15.- life’s too short (reprise outtake)

16.- Reindeer remix (outtake)

17.- Adele - Skyfall

18.- Superhuman - And the dead were at my feet

19.- Relax daily - B-side N°1

20.- Bastille - Things we lost in the fire

ok ok ok, look, my music player just wanted to embarrass me SO DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO 8-16!

Personally, my favorites are 4, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 18, 20

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uff… that was exhausting, and a little awkward because i don’t really know how this works…