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Here’s something that happened when I was 15 years old. My Best friends Uncle is a Pededita (thats not the correct spelling but its the spanish term for someone who can communicate with ghost, & such). He did a “reading” on me and told me intimate details in which I havent even told my best friend.  I never really believed him but he convinced me after that.

What convinced me? He knew about everything that used to happen to my mother when she was a child. She saw spirits in her room, old Western Soldiers, Indians, Old woman begging for help. Spirits grabbing her feet, and even one of an old man who used to follow her in her dreams. I never told my best friend (I’ll call her X) any of this because I thought she’d think I was weird. Well, lets just say we found out we had more in commen after this.

In this reading, he told me I had the gift my mother had, but my ability to see wasnt as strong as hers. Even though I was convinced, I didnt really believe him. Growing up, Ive had my expiriences. Seeing black figures run out of my room, hearing someone run up my steps, knocking on my door.

But something happened upstate that still haunts me till this day. Usually, when I am really tired, and I am in bed, I hear voices. My best friend X, and Y can vouch for that. They’ll hear me responding to a question they never asked, but we always laugh it off. But then one year, I was sleeping over at X’s house upstate, and that night we all felt off. I fell asleep and once again, I remember voices. They always sound like X’s so I never feel alarmed. But then I remember being scared, anxious. I knew something bad was happening and I had to stop it.

But then it was over. I opened my eyes and I was sitting up in her bed; X was across the room against the wall scared out of her mind. Her mother was at the door right next to her screaming for me to wake up. I do not remember what happened but apparently, I woke X up screaming at her “Dont do it!! Stop!! Get out!! Just help me, please!” Apparently I was shaking and hitting her but she got away from me. Her mother had slap me and move back before I was able to wake up.

Her Uncle said something was following me. Something bad. There is more story on where this…entity came from, but I think this is enough for now. But right now, when I hear voices as I lay down to sleep, I immediately play my iPod to tune them out.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: 8/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

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Hi, I just started following you, and I have to ask. The 'Dear You' things you write, are they to someone you know, or someone you haven't met yet? Ive been writing my own snippets of 'Dear You' but its to someone I haven't met yet. I think its such a coincidence that we are writing the same concept. lol. So, which is it?

It’s for someone I know. :)

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That Beatles piece, I actually tear'd up, and maybe a tear was summoned against my will. In all honestly, I don't usually cry for poetry. I really don't, but for some reason, that piece hit me so hard. And not in a negative way, but because it's true. Love really isn't all you need, and I learned that the hard way. Yet, you still managed to make the loss of love sound so beautiful. As if its a right of passage. I haven't read your other work, but Im going to now. God Bless.

I am so, SO glad you sent me this message. Honestly I just keep reading your message over and over again trying to come up with an adequate response. I don’t know if this is weird to say, but I also just really love that poem and you’re totally on the same page that I was on when I was writing it which is beyond cool. Just like you said, losing love is like a right of passage I think. If you never experience what it’s like to believe that all you need is love and then lose that love, you’ll never see that there are so many other things in this world that you really do need and that will fulfill you and don’t always hurt you. That may not make any sense haha. But regardless, thank you so so much for the message, it means the world to me and I hope you enjoy the rest of my writing xxx