jaded ink

last night i realized i’m in love with you
it wasn’t a grand declaration
or a life altering moment in time
we were talking on the phone at half past one
and i just thought “fuck i love you”
i had to step back and think
but i realized i’ve been in love with you for a long time
i just never put a name to it till that moment
—  march 27, 2017 (these-words-i-speak)
it wasn’t love at first sight
it wasn’t my heart going crazy thinking of you
it is i’ve known you for 6 years
it is you make me happier than anyone else
maybe we aren’t that story book love
but i like our version better

— © 2017 Jade Onn

A/N: Inspired by @sarahmariepardy‘s Haiku #51

Wizard Problems...ink

Pureblood friend: runs out of ink "gaah don’t you  just hate it when you’re in the middle of your essay and your ink runs out!“

Pureblood friend: "yes! it annoys the shit out of me! especially when you accidentally knock it over and spill everything!”

Muggleborn friend: clicks pen “oh yeah….thats gotta be frustrating for sure.”