this was a sketch that i accidentally spent too much time on oops

anyway did y’all know the US was one of the first nations to legally recognize an independent Lithuania? and even now they get super favorable relationships with the states? b/c i didn’t (until i went looking for historical reasons to justify this ship [eyes emoji])


Senator Organa take after his grandmother.
Emperor Hux takes what he wants.
When Hux takes over the First Order, his first thought is not of war, but of “peace in our time.” He wants to build a better world for his constituents, but first he must attempt to make peace with the unwilling New Republic. He travels to Naboo to discuss a peace treaty, and is greeted by Senator Ben Organa, the gaudy, overbearing, tantrum throwing, perfectly tactless diplomat for the New Republic. (You know the rest.)

You Make Me Wanna by @despoin-a

a day late, here’s my @kyluxbigbang​ submission! (with two 50% detail shots)

i was fortunate enough to illustrate for the lovely @despoin-a​. she’s a fantastic author and a wonderful person; please give her a follow! <3 and shoutout to the KBB mods for putting together this wonderful event!