Cosmic Gem AU Kirk (Amber) and Spock (Jade)’s first fusion - APATITE!

While working together on a faraway planet, the two fuse accidentally, almost instinctively, when they face a dangerous alien monster that threatens their lives. After the monster flees, they remain fused, trying to figure out what they are, how this happened, and what to do, but get caught by the mission’s supervisor. 

Amber does his best to explain that it was a freak accident, and that he and Jade will both take careful measures to make sure it never happens again… but deep inside, the experience made him feel something he’d never felt before, and made him realize he could no longer live without Jade at his side. So this must be what the humans mean by their word “soulmate”.

None of the gems involved knew it at the time, but this was the beginning of what was to become a movement, a new rebellion against Homeworld.

Musical theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71u0i6J-Qes

fic: criminal band!mix

idk what to call this like a ficlet ? a kind of sloppily written first couple chapters to a wip which will remain unfinished…. but i Love them still and this fandom is a bit starved for fic so here ya go?

fandom: little mix (ot4 - so far jesy/perrie, perrie/leigh-anne, jesy/leigh-anne)

word count: 2075

rating: i dont fuckin know…… theres nothing M rated im sorry but references to it i guess

warnings: uhhhh like stealing stuff.. if that bothers u….. its a criminal au 

and theres no summary cause its short and simple so lets just get into it..

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