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Beautiful Dreamer

A Dean x Reader

A/N: This is my entry for @avasmommy224 ‘s Birthday Writing Challenge! I’m not sure what genre this is, it’s just something that came up when I thought of my prompt. I haven’t written much, so be gentle. Let me know what you think. I hope you like it, girl! Happy Birthday! ♥

Prompt: I dreamed of you. I dreamed you were wandering in the dark, and so was I. We found each other. We found each other in the dark.

Word Count: 2,056

- language.

Tags: (at the end)

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When Dean Winchester walks into a room, he demands attention. Not the ‘look at me I’m so attractive’ type of attention, but the ‘fuck with me and I’ll literally kill you’ type of attention. It’s intoxicating and disgustingly arousing, something you’re not even close to being used to. Your entire life had consisted of working at your family’s diner, busing and waiting tables for measly tips that couldn’t even buy you a box of tampons. Your life had been painstakingly boring, until that one unforgettable day your entire life changed.

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Creatures of the Night, VIII

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Tonight was the night.

The moon was high in the sky glowing a coppery-tinged crimson, blanketing the dimly lit world beneath in a rich amber glow.

Shownu lifted his hands high above his head and released a guttural growl as the moonlight surged through him.  Any other full moon, he wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the burlesque club.  His wolf would always take control of him, regardless of what form he was in, and would force him to hunt in the most savage of ways.  But tonight was All Hallow’s Eve, the one night of the year both sides of himself were in perfect balance. His senses were heightened his blood was rushing, his mind was sharpened, his body was tensed yet loose and ready to pounce on whatever crossed his path.  Shownu was in complete control of himself and the power that coursed through his veins and radiated brightly in his jade and gold speckled irises.  Tonight was his night.

Tonight was the night.

The bar was flowing, every drop of the various multicolored liquids steadily opening veins up and improving bloodflow while lowering inhibitions and deadening senses.

Jooheon dragged his tongue over his lips slowly to showcase his glistening fangs. The sharpened canines never failed to make hearts pound a steady, deep bassline of terror with harmonious snare rolls of intrigue and syncopated cymbal crashes of arousal.  It was music to his ears and it perfectly complemented the stunning masterpieces of full veins spread out in wild yet familiar tangles underneath slightly flushed skin that his smoldering violet eyes gleefully drank in.  Any other night, Jooheon would have limited himself to one tall, still drink.  But tonight he was free to be an absolute lush.  He could slake his thirst thoroughly and revel in the undulating crescendos and decrescendos of heartbeats pulsing beneath his mouth until the final soft, weak beat of the blood symphony echoed through him. Tonight was his night.

Tonight was the night.

The stage was set, the lighting was perfect, the audio was level, the props and costumes were in their places.

Changkyun’s tail swished slowly behind him as he watched the patrons of the night–both human and inhuman alike–trickle into the heart of the club from his lofty perch atop the catwalk backstage. Excitement burned hot through. This was the first time he wouldn’t be relegated to teleport through the shadows behind stage. He was free to displace himself as he pleased, where and when he pleased. A mischievous grin spread across his lips as he imagined the shocked reactions of the humans below him if he suddenly appeared behind them.  He wondered if they would be more surprised by his pointed tail curling around their wrists, shoulders, legs; or the snubbed, gnarled horns protruding from his forehead; or perhaps his felinesque platinum eyes glowing with mischief before being briefly covered by his nictitating eyelids whenever he blinked. In any case, Changkyun was certain that this would be a night he’d forever remember.  Tonight was his night.

Tonight was the night.

The spells had been cast, the atmosphere was ripe with magic, the aura within the club was glistening.

Hyungwon went through his stretches absentmindedly, relishing in the way the built up tension in his body dwindled with each move he made.  He looked himself over once more in the vanity of his dressing room.  He had really outdone himself.  On any other night he would have been content to keep his lightly tanned skin aglow with highlighting powder.  But tonight he went all out.  He had no choice but to enhance his beauty in order to be as alluring as possible.  He had people to attract, entrance, and maybe even protect.  He rolled his shoulders forward slightly as he examined the way the gold-dusted air around him shone around his bronzed flesh, giving him a soft metallic glow.  His honey-colored locks were carelessly swept back away from his face to showcase his molten amber bedroom eyes and dusty rose tinted full pout.  He looked every bit of the statuesque Midas-touched fantasy he was aiming for.  Tonight was his night.

Tonight was the night.

The club was steadily filling with distinguished guests and unsuspecting prey alike.

Kihyun brushed his umber hair out of his eyes and took a sip of his champagne as his blacked out eyes–save for the smoldering crimson rings that were his irises–eagerly catalogued the auras of the humans below him. On any other night, he would be unable to properly draw strength and sustenance from the lust-clouded souls surrounding him, but tonight he had his prince’s blessing to finally feed and indulge himself. Feast nights such as this were always the highlight of Kihyun’s calendar. A good many were already shrouded in the clear red he loved to see.  If all went well, which it would, he would finally be able to gorge himself on the unclaimed targets of the night.  An amused smile spread across his lips as he glanced at Changkyun rapidly teleport from place to place, his tail swishing high behind him as he moved.  He caught Jooheon’s eye in the midst of tracking the nightcrawler and raised his glass towards the vampire, a wordless toast signaling to him that their hunting ground was ripe for the picking.  Tonight was his night.

Tonight was the night.

The portal between realms was finally completely open, the darkness from the underworld creeping forth and seeding its way down into the roots of the world above.  

Minhyuk sauntered through the fiery rings between the worlds, feeling himself grow stronger with each step he took. As he finally emerged from the shadows of the secret portal in the hidden chamber within Kihyun’s office, he brushed small clumps of brimstone off his shoulders.  He had to look immaculate for dinner.  He had waited so long for this night to arrive and not a single thing could be out of place.  Kihyun had promised him a feast night he would never forget and he was eager to make sure the succubus made good on his promise. Tonight was his night.

Tonight was the night.

The curtain was ready to be pulled at any moment, the audience gathered and ready to be awed, the vulnerable souls ready to be gently coaxed from the unsuspecting bodies that housed them.

Wonho reached up to rake his hands through his hair, steadying himself in the softness of the platinum blonde and aquamarine tinted locks beneath his fingers. On any other night, he wouldn’t be as nervous as he was tonight.  Perhaps it was because Hyungwon’s enchantments always caused his voice to wane away gently after an hour of singing.  Or perhaps it was because he didn’t care much about the souls of any of the people that normally frequented the club.  But tonight your soul was at stake.  Granted, he had sung around you countless times; but each time his voice had still been enchanted, a precaution he always took because he didn’t want to have complete control over you like he did others who heard him sing.  That was not the case tonight. Tonight there was no safety net, no charms cast, no fail proofs in play. He sighed heavily.  He had deceived you into believing you were immune to his voice, but no being of this world could ever truly resist a siren’s call. 

He took his marked place onstage and closed his eyes.  He could feel the subdued thrum of voices behind the curtain radiate throughout his body, causing a calming wave of peace to wash over him. In a matter of minutes those voices would be silenced–some perhaps permanently–by his own.  He would soon have complete control over you for what he hoped would be the entire night.  Wonho opened his brilliant turquoise eyes, copper veins etched through the colored rings, and glared resolutely at the curtain. Tonight was his night.

Tonight was the night.

Your body was draped in the softest of satins, the deep burgundy hue contrasting so vividly against your rich skin, which it hugged tightly until it gave way to the high slit through which your right leg peeked. The off-shoulder neckline curved down into a plunging sweetheart, the sheer lace wrapped around the length your arms trailed its way up to lightly dust the neckline before it gently skated along your exposed back and down your ample curves as it gathered in volume before it pooled into a grand train that flowed behind you like a river of blood with every step you took. The diamonds dripping across the expanse of your collarbones in clusters of small stars angling downwards to the large star that lay against the hollow of your neck reflected brilliantly against any and all light that gleamed against it.  You had even taken the liberty of revealing your truest form considering Wonho had assured you that you had no reason to hide yourself tonight.  Your eyes were a softly smoldering rose gold, indicating your alignment with the Light, though there were flecks of deep magenta indicative of Darkness spread around the edges of them.

Tonight was your night, the culmination of months of impatience and begging and anticipation.  As Shownu guided you to your seat, you couldn’t help but let your eyes wander all over the club as they took in the gorgeous decor—satin draped walls, extravagant chandeliers, elegant crystal candelabras, velvet chaises and chairs, subdued semi-erotic portraits hanging in ornate frames, grandiose ironwork separating the VIP section from the main floor—and the vibrating mass of bodies swirling and grinding together in a silent yet palpable rhythm that seemed to entangle people in an inescapable tango. It was an absolute vision of lust.

And so was the ethereal man now seated in front of you. His white hair glowed vividly in the dimly lit space as if it were an actual halo. His milky skin smoothly stretched across his high cheekbones until it tapered off against his strong jawline.  HIs impossibly straight and narrow nose sat perfectly in the middle of his face above his pouty lips.  His wide, jet black eyes gazed coolly at you though the intensity of his stare burned boring holes through the core of you.  There was something about him that was indescribably magnetic; it was as if you were pulled to him by some unknown and heavy force.  You were too enraptured by the man’s beauty to notice the way the diamond star situated at the center of your necklace began to glow a deep red, much to his delight.  He rose from his seat and reached out for your hand. “Do you know who I am?” he asked softly, his husky voice sending intense shivers down your spine. 

“No.” The lights began to flash, signaling the show was soon to start. 

He wrapped his fingers against your wrist, loving how warm your flesh felt against his. “Do you want to know who I am?”

“Yes.” The lights dimmed around the club, the restless chatter of the audience coming to a halt.

He pulled you flush against his chest, free arm snaking its way around your wrist. “Then tell me your answer to Kihyun’s question.”

“W-What?”  The curtain began to slowly rise.

I put a spell on you…” a sensual voice crooned lowly, its gentle tone captivating the audience as it resonated throughout charged atmosphere of the club.

He smiled wickedly as he leaned forward to brush his lips past your ear. “Do you like to watch or be watched?”

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Living Statues: Southern Gothic Edition


I get it. Y’all like dark lore. You like grit. You like that twinge of terror and the supernatural haunting your dragons. Well, your prayers have been answered. Welcome to Living States: Southern Gothic Edition.

If these catch on, I’ll continue writing this type of lore for this breeding pair. Please check the notes for links to each kid’s listing (all are listed for 30g, but I am open to treasure, mixed payment, haggling, trades, etc), as well as a link to the hatchery.

Without further ado…. meet your worst nightmares:

AMETRINE, The Lurid Entertainer:  Dust Speckle / Shale Freckle / Grey Smirch / Nature Common

CALICHE, The Jaded Herpetologist:  Grey Speckle / Lead Freckle / Gloom Smirch / Nature Common

VADOS, The Voiceless Groundskeeper:  Gloom Speckle / Shale Freckle / Grape Gembond / Nature Common