jade's house

finally finally done- I wanted to keep this pretty simple and not go overboard with details below the shoulders since it was gonna get obscured by some other layers later lmao
Anyways I love Lady Vex’ahlia and Ive been binging Critrole while drawing this- I’m halfways through episode 63 and her broom is my favorite thing ever tbh

Slytherin House Headcanon:

After the war the negative feelings towards Slytherin are still there, and everyone who is a Slytherin is still considered evil. The bad name for Slytherin separates the house from the other 3 to the point where Slytherins are outcasted in Hogwarts and outside of school. To try to fix this negative image of Slytherin, the Slytherin house decides to have a House slumber party in their common room and invites all the other houses to join.

No one goes the first night thinking that its just a prank or some scheme to get revenge on the other houses. Then seeing the sad, dejected faces of the Slytherin students the next day, the 1st year Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws, who were not part of the war or were fully exposed to the prejudice, decide to go the second night. They find their way down to the Slytherin entrance holding their pillows and blankets, Hufflepuffs carrying some snacks from the kitchens, and ask the wall for entrance. When the Slytherins open the wall and find all the 1st years standing there nervously, they are all touched and overjoyed that someone was giving them a second chance. Then after letting them in, all the Slytherins quickly dash about their common room, pushing aside couches and chairs to make space, and going back to their dorms to get their own pillows and blankets, while the older students transfigure anything they can into mattresses so they can all sleep off of the cold floor.  

This becomes a tradition of the Slytherin house to host a slumber party every weekend. After a month the other houses notice their first years missing, and that they are integrating with the Slytherins during class and freetime. At the 5th slumber party after the first years are already in the Slytherin common room they hear another knock on their wall. This time the older students from each house are there with their pillows and blankets asking to join in. 

Now each House takes a turn every week at hosting the House Unity Slumber Party. 

Rosaline had a quiet ceremony, with only Jade, her boys, and their families in attendance. She was buried next to Phillip’s ashes, which had previously been kept in her house. Jade said a few comforting words about how they didn’t have to be apart any longer, and Perry consoled Ryver. All the children were in tears. Caleb, however, hardly even blinked the entire time. His face hardly moved at all. It was like he was on another planet, his mind battling between accepting that this was real and wondering whether or not the rest of his life would continue to be this painful.

Fluffy Headcanon:

After the war Hagrid retrained Fluffy to be a gentler creature, not wanting him to be seen as a monster. Fluffy becomes as sweet as his name that after the Golden Trio and friends had kids Fluffy was the best babysitter and protector over the babies, keeping 3 pairs of eyes on them all at all times, making sure they never wander off, or anything suspicious gets too near. Being a great soft belly heater for the babies to snuggle into, soft fur for them to grab and pet (Fluffy never snapping at them if they grabbed too hard), and giving them doggie rides as they got older. 

Then Hagrid bringing Fluffy to all of his Care of Magical Creatures classes to help protect the students, so no mistakes like the one with Draco and the Hippogryph happen again. Fluffy being a good comforter for Hogwarts students who are having stress issues from school and exams, or post war depression. Fluffy going with students for classes in the Dark Forest making the students feel safer. Fluffy being like a mascot for Hogwarts, and being the good luck charm for all the Quidditch players needing to rub all three heads before each game. When the students have spare time they play fetch with Fluffy, and even get all the houses together split into groups of three to play tug of war with all three of Fluffy’s heads. 


anyway check out this hs/hp au comic im working on (rn its just the beta kids sorting ceremony also pls ignore the lalonde/ leijon mix up for now)

I love this crossover sooo much Ive already decided all their houses and 11 y/os are so hard to draw

This complete change of the old Pottermore, reminds me of Voldemort going into the Ministry of Magic and deleting all the records of the Muggleborns. No longer are we the Muggleborns able to cast a spell, brew a potion, or help a fellow Muggle Potterhead discover their own magic in their house at Hogwarts.