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August Tuesjade Prompts!

August 1rst- PJs!
There’s nothing better than a long day finished off with comfy pjs and a hot shower… wait, no, there’s nothing better than Jade! Speaking of, what do you think her pjs look like? Is she more casual or does she have it all put together in a co-ordinated outfit? What would she be like at a sleepover? We wanna see how you think she end the day! Tag your post with #tuesjade so we can spread your love for Jade!

August 8th- Genesis Frog
Lets go frog hunting! In this wet weather we’re sure to find a few! This one with the glowing eyes looks cute…! He’s our best boy! And our entire universe, literally! But Jade was the one who found him and it was her destiny to! :o What do you think she likes about this sweet boy? How do you think she came across him? Take this how you wanna and tag it with #Tuesjade so we can see your lovely bois!

August 15th- Dreambot!
I wouldn’t be able to sleep well if there was a robot lying on top of me either! We all know Jade’s relationship with her dreamself has been.. complicated.. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been fun! She looks really cool- I bet Dreambot Jade is really strong :3c Write about or draw the adventures of an offshoot babe and tag it with #tuesjade so we can experience early homestuck again ;-;

August 22nd- Space Aspect
There’s a certain aspect of this prompt that I really love… Hmm. Space players and essential and beautiful- and Jade is certainly no exception! She can manipulate the very being of anyone and anything with her immense power- she’s had to babysit entire planets! What a good mum! We wanna hear about and see what you think she does with this power in her day to day life.. or maybe something a lot bigger! We can’t wait! Tag your creations with #tuesjade and we’ll tell the world about it! <3

Sorry this one is coming a bit late! ;-; We were really busy these past two days but we hope you’ll have time to create the beautiful Jade love you come out with every month- you guys are the best! Are you okay with the four prompts or would you rather we did more or less depending on the month? Let us know!


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