Clexa shippers talk about and love Costia. We write stories and headcanons about Costia and Lexa and what they meant to each other. Blarke shippers basically pretend Gina never existed. They never really talk about how important Gina was to Bellamy after Mount Weather and how she brought him peace and comfort. How she knew about how his mom read him stories from the Iliad and gave him the book. How with her dying breath she helped save Raven and Sinclair.

Furthermore, most Clexa shippers don’t hate on Niylah even though she slept with Clarke. Most of us actually love Niylah! We love her because she was caring and kind to Clarke and she is just an amazing character. We see the importance Niylah played in Clarke’s life over those 3 months and being a friend to her and provided her comfort. She was person that reminded Clarke of her humanity. All I see coming from Blarkers is that both Niylah and Lexa were manipulative people that were basically just ‘bed warmers’ for Bellamy and Blarke.

Bellamy, Gina, Clarke, Lexa, etc. deserve better than Blarkers.

Bellarke Interview

E!Online recently did a small interview with Bob and Eliza just to keep the hype going for S4 during production, and I’m honestly surprised about how receptive they were??? Hold up

“Upon being asked if Bellamy and Clarke had any chance at mending their tumultuous relationship in S4, Bob nodded. ‘I think they’re working toward something more, something more complex. Bellamy’s been through so much, at this point, he just needs a rest. He needs someone to lean on, and Clarke can give him that.’”


“Eliza seems to think differently. “I don’t think they’re working up to anything, actually. Anything happening so soon would just feel too rushed, and forced–especially with a person who’s honestly just a friend to Clarke, and has a rather questionable relationship with her in general, anyway, and considering she has her own pressures to shoulder it would be too much for her, I think.’”

But I mean… Who cares what Eliza says lmao bye

E! Online crammed it into a video, so here’s the link.

LM4 have a lot of the girls' personal relationship experiences!

The Little Mix girls aren’t holding back as they open up about their heartbreaks on their upcoming record.

In an exclusive interview, Jesy Nelson told all four of them have drawn inspiration from their love life in the studio. She said:

“I think it’s always easier to write about your experiences through music because more people can relate to them anyway.

“It is a lot more mature, this album. There’s a lot of things that have been said that perhaps nobody has heard yet, if you know what I mean.”

And asked if their fans will know what, or who, they are singing about, she coyly added:

“I think it’s pretty obvious. I think all the songs are very relatable to girls, and our fan base in general.”

Jade explained:

“We’re going through different things. Some of us have gone through heartbreak while others of us have found love. I think it’s a very positive album.”

The girls have been working tirelessly to get all the songs recorded and are planning to release the lead single in October.

Jesy said:

“I love what the first song is about. I love that the first song is like a happy heartbreak song.

“It’s not about being down, it’s all about being like, ‘Yeah!’”



Team RWBY x K-on!! crossover 

Special thanks to @rwby-fan for suggesting the idea and the characters 

I tried my best to draw it K-ON!! art style . and it was fun and cute :) 

Ruby as Ritsu (drums)

Weiss as Mugi (keyboard) 

Blake as Mio (Bass)

Yang as Yui (guitar) 

and well here’s extra quick sketch , just because i couldn’t resist 

So I was just minding my own business, browsing Amazon for a book for my Classics class and would you look at this shit.

Look at this fucking book and tell me this isn’t fucking bellarke.