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Pack it Up

Prompt: Can you do an imagine that’s Wally West x Reader where he comes back after disappearing. Like after YJ, Endgame??

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    You stare at the bed with a sense of trepidation. You haven’t slept in it in months. You’d barely been in the room in months. You run your fingers against the sheets, before pulling back. Slowly, you sit down, before collapsing backwards.

    His scent surrounds you immediately, as though time has stood still. You hadn’t been here in months, the idea of coming home too painful. The thought of Wally never coming home is staggering.

    You take in a deep breath. It had been six months since Wally had vanished in the Arctic. Searches had turned up nothing, and the knowledge of him never coming home had settled in your chest like a block of ice.

    “Y/N? Are you in here?”

    You struggle to a sitting position, your hands going under your sizeable baby bump in an attempt to provide support. A second later Roy enters followed by Jade. You and Roy had always been close. Jade’s friendship had come as a bit of a surprise. But when everyone had been hounding you for something it was Jade who had scared them away. It had been Jade who had set you down in their apartment’s guest room and told you it was okay to grieve.

    Not quite able to get upright you fall back, “Need some help?”

    You lift your head, “Yes please.”

    She takes your hands and jerks you to a sitting position. The one year old reaches for you and you take her. She bounces a bit on your legs before Jade takes her.

    “Are you sure you don’t want to stay?” Roy asks after a few minutes.

    You nod, “There’s too many memories here. I would be stuck in the past.”

    Roy’s voice is kind, “No one would blame you for staying there for a bit longer.”

    You shrug, “If I stay there any longer then I’ll be stuck there. That’s not good for me or little baby no name. Plus Wally would kill me if I kept moping.”

    They both shrug, before leaving the room. Over the next several days you spend your time packing up the apartment. You’d already rented something in Central City, close to yours and Wally’s parents. Your transfer documents had gone through months ago, and you’d transferred to the local college.

    “Are you sure you don’t mind watching her?”

    You wave off Roy and Jade, as they suit up, “I’ve watched your demon spawn how many times now? I’ve got this.”

    Jade smirks, “Never while being seven months pregnant while packing up an apartment to move.”

    You shrug again and watch them go. Lian had been on a schedule since she was three months old. The toddler is asleep by seven, and you’re eating Chinese food while you pack up the living bedroom. You find yourself stopping a lot. You hesitate when it comes to Wally’s clothing. You consider keeping it all, instead you force yourself to pick and choose.

    You keep a lot of his tee-shirts and hoodies. You wish you were smaller so that you could wear them, but you know better. You don’t want to stretch them out. You’re throwing pants in the “to donate” box when you hear the door open and close.

    You listen to the footsteps and immediately peg them as being too loud for Jade or Roy. You reach for the baseball bat in the back of the closet and sneak into the hallway. You wait with baited breath until the intruder turns down the hallway and then swing!

    You hit air, and a moment later you feel hands grip your wrists, and you’re met with a familiar set of green eyes. “Easy honey, easy. Remember the baby.”

    You feel your knees go weak, and he catches you as you fall. His name comes out in a whisper, “Wally, no, no, no, no, no, you’re …”

    “Alive, I’m alive sweet heart. Bart and Barry saved me. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry I left you alone, that I made you cry.”

    You don’t question it, as you feel his hand rest on your pregnant belly, you cling to him, and do your best to assure yourself that he’s real. That you have your partner back. That your child has a father. And that you’re not alone.

A Soulmate to Remember Chapter 12

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Chapter- Bonding with Friends

You smiled as Jason pulled you down the street. He had been very excited this morning, after all, this was the day that you’d be officially meeting his two best friends. Though, when You asked him what you were doing and where you two were going, he still wouldn’t tell you! It was like pulling teeth until he finally told you that jeans, and your favorite cami and tan cardigan would be fine. You pulled your hair up in a bun with the rose that you had been wearing when Jason and you had met.

Jason had picked You up in the lobby for your apartment building. He simply took your hand and started walking you out of the building. He was dressed in simple clothes like you, jeans and a t-shirt. You took comfort in his warm hand as you walked and made small talk. He turned the corner and You could finally guess where we were going- the park. It was close to you apartment building so it didn’t turn out to be that far of a walk. The park was relatively quiet, surprisingly, because it was a relatively nice Saturday afternoon.

It wasn’t hard to pick out Jason’s friends either. Okay, You admitted to myself, I would have never seen the guy, he was pretty average/casual. He was wearing jeans and a white t-shit, a red jacket. The only thing that was a bit unusual was his red hair and that it was fairly long. He had to be Roy, as Jason didn’t mention very many male friends to you.

The other friend, now she would be hard to miss. She had dark tangerine skin, fiery-okay, wow, it literally looked like it was on fire- red hair and completely green eyes. She wore a simple over-sized purple hoodie that didn’t hide her curves as well as black tights. This was obviously Kori. They both sat at a panic table that over-looked the playground and were having a nice conversation, and Jason called over, “Hey! If you two start kissing, I will throw up!”

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  • who cooks normally?:  “Is there fish in it?” “No.” “Can you add fish?” “No.” “Add fish.” “Jade, for Christ’s sakes, you aren’t actually a cat.”
  • how often do they fight?: “When was the last time we had a conversation that didn’t end in one of us resorting to violence?” “I think there was a Tuesday once.”
  • what do they do when they’re away from each other?: 
    “Hey, if I shoot my sister’s boyfriend, is it a felony?” “Yes, Jade, don’t do it!” “He’s practically family!” “Stop stalking your sister and come home!”
  • nicknames for each other?: 
    “Red, c’mhere.” “It’s not fair that I can’t come up with a nickname for you that isn’t super offensive, you know that right?”
  • who is more likely to pay for dinner?: 
    “We snuck out. We dined and dashed. I’m a superhero, I can’t dine and dash!” “So stop forgetting your wallet.” “I didn’t, you stole my wallet.”
  • who steals the covers at night?:  
    "It’s kinda cute how you curl up with all the covers at night. "…….Shut up Jade.”
  • what would they get each other for gifts?: 
    “Knives? More knives? You know me too well Red.”
  • who kissed who first?: 
    “Remember that time you kissed me in front of your sister?” “No.” “You’re a liar.” “Master assassin and criminal, what’d you expect?”
  • who made the first move?: 
    “I’ll take you out to dinner.” “Is this a pity date because my dad just left me for dead?” “No, it’s a pity date that neither of us have families.”
  • who remembers things?: 
    “It was a Thursday.” “It was a Friday, I remember that much.” “Well, Artemis texted back and she says that the day we drunk-called her and announced our marriage was a Monday and that we’re both idiots.”
  • who started the relationship?: 
    “We’re a couple.” “Does that mean I have diplomatic immunity?”
  • who cusses more?: 
    “Fucking fuckers, I swear to God if they cut me off again-” “Roy, calm down!”
  • what would they do if the other one was hurt?: “Just, look, just walk it off.”

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Jade/Roy, 15

High school au!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“It’s cute, y’know. The whole actually trying thing,” she talked around the Blow Pop in her mouth and he tried very hard to focus on his trigonometry homework. There was a slurp as she removed the lollipop and waved it at him.

“Jade, let me study.” He pushed the lollipop back at her, never taking his eyes from the page. She groaned and leaned in towards his ear.

“I can think of something more fun than studying,” her voice is husky. Roy shuts his eyes for a moment before looking at her to see her grinning wickedly at him, the stick of the lollipop protruding from her rosy lips. 

“Oh, fuck it.” He flipped the book shut.

“Darling, I plan to.” She teased as he leaned into her.