jade x liam

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Day 13 for Margot and Liam? Love your art!! ♥

Day 13: Lazy Sunday morning

“You’re cute when you pretend to sleep.”

“Was it the smile that gave me away?”

“Maybe. And maybe because I can feel your hand on my back.”

“Damn. My desire to touch every inch of you has given me away once again.”

“Such a way with words, you.” 

Thank you so much, sweet! That means a lot coming from you! <3 

And thanks for the ask, I really like how this came out! Though they weren’t naked in the sketch… :D 

Please forgive the half ass attempt at a background. 

Stop caring

Liam grumbled to himself as he left the med bay. Lexi was worrying too much, at least he didn’t fracture a bone this time. That was progress! The woman fretted too much.

Then again, it was her job.

He made his way to the galley, stopping in his tracks when he heard music coming from the pathfinder quarters. Classical, the type he remembered hearing in shows in high school.

Maybe Margy just really liked the music? She did tell him she enjoyed classical–

“Fucking plie, fucking dancing.”

Was the woman dancing? Was Margot Ryder, the woman who bragged she was in a gang as a teenager, doing ballet?

Another curse from the other side of the door answered his question, she was.

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Another ask for Liam x Margot incoming, cause I really loved the last one! Day 25, if you feel like it! ヽ(◉ᗜ◉)ノ

Day 25: Stargazing 

“It’s so beautiful, like I could stare at it for hours.” 

“Yeah, the most gorgeous thing in the galaxy.”

“Sky’s up there, Kosta.” 

I have been spending far too much time on Voeld. 

Thank you!! <3 <3 

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oh mY gOd liam and jade would be so fucking perfect like liams so strong and jades so tiny i bet he could easily life her in his arms and makeout with her against a wall and GOD HELP ME they need to get together idc about sam idc about sophia

listen. LISTEN.

liam would try so hard to act smarter and spell better because jade is so smart and he would want to impress her and jade would fondly shake her head and giggle when she got his texts that were still horribly misspelled but she could tell he was TRYING and he would lift her up and smooch her and fuck her against walls cause she is so tiny and he is so strong AND THEY WOULD BE SO CUTE ABOUT EACH OTHER AND HE WOULD BE ALL BLUSHY AND SHE WOULD BE SO PLEASED 

they are so perfect i am so upset about them 100% of the time