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Hmmmmm..... "Teach me how to kiss?" with.... How about either Warden@Zevran or Nathaniel@Warden? >w<

WOOOOW you asked this SO long ago, but I am trash and haven’t answered any of my @dadrunkwriting prompts in MONTHS. 

Here is Zevran x Kalliah Surana, having their first kiss. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for the ask, sweet thing! :)

     The dim light from the campfire that filtered in through the semi-sheer walls of her tent turned the atmosphere warm inside of it. Kalliah sat facing the entrance, her legs crossed beneath her as Zevran braided her long, ebony hair with hands that were far softer than she ever expected an assassin’s to be.
     “Well, my dear Warden, does this satisfy your expectations for the night?” He asked, laying the braid gently over her shoulder, as if in offering. She smiled, running lean fingers across the perfect plait–something she had come to expect after bringing Zevran into her little crew.
     “Well done as always, Master Crow, thank you.” He inclined his head behind her, and moved to leave before she spoke again, stopping him with a voice so quiet he almost had to hold his breath to hear it. “I have another task for you, if you’re up for it.” Zevan, holding himself just before the door of her tent, expelled his breath and turned towards Kal, a smile blooming across his face.
     “And what might that be, my lady?” He chuckled, before he noticed his companion’s half lidded eyes and his breath caught in his throat. She moved quicker than lightning, suddenly looming over him, with her face only a breath away from his own, her arms nearly trapping him beneath her.
     “I am but a poor circle mage, dear Crow, locked away in a tower all my life.” She looked down shyly, biting her lower lip before looking back up at him through her lashes. “You’ve been all across Thedas–seen things I can only dream of.”
     “I-I suppose..” Zevran said, all of a sudden not knowing where to look as she wet her lips and inched closer to him.
     “Perhaps you could…” her eyes darted away quickly before returning and boring into his with an intensity that he swore could have melted ice, “teach me how to kiss?”
     Her lashes fluttered, her cheeks flushed, and she exhaled, her breath ghosting tantalizingly across his lips. What else could he say, but ‘yes’?
     He pressed forward, more gently than he ever thought he might whenever he fantasized about kissing Kalliah. Zevran brushed his lips across hers, feeling her sigh into him, her rigid arms by his sides seeming to relax slightly. Allowed a touch more space in which to move, he leaned forward, lifting a hand into her braided hair to brush the small pieces around her face away. A stray finger of his brushed the tip of her pointed ear, and a sound almost like a growl sounded from deep within her throat. Suddenly, she pulled away, leaving him almost worried, before his eyes fluttered open and he saw her pupils blown wide with desire, nestled in a face bearing a lascivious smirk, and eyes so devious that Zevran knew he was in trouble.
     Kal surged towards him, her thighs coming to either side of his lap, pinning him beneath her. She tugged on his bottom lip with hers, pulling it into her mouth with her teeth to give it a sharp nip that left him gasping. As she was pressing him down against her furs, he tightened his hand in her hair on instinct, and he felt more than heard her moan into his mouth. Their lips clashed again and again, bruising, insistent, and downright delicious. This was a dance, fighting for control. This was a duel, a clash for power and dominance. This was not something that needed to be taught. What felt like eons later, they pulled apart again, both panting, chests heaving, faces flushed, and lips aching sweetly.
     “It is rare that I am conned,” Zevran whispered against her lips, “or that I meet someone more suave than I. Even rarer than that is when I am rendered speechless.”
      “Then perhaps I haven’t kissed you hard enough…” Kal retorted, and she had barely enough time to smirk before Zevran pulled her back down for another searing kiss.

Into The Nightmare || pitchandkozmotis


She wasn’t alone.

That’s what she wanted right? Jade couldn’t remember, well, there were glimpses, flashes of cinnamon skin and the taste of strawberries on her tongue. A stranger with long blond hair whispering empty promises in her ear before disappearing.

Now there was Pitch, her King. Like a father to her in all but blood. The Guardians weren’t happy with a mostly-mortal believer falling out of their grasp, but as far as Jade was concerned, there was plenty they could’ve done if they cared that much.

Evidently Pitch cared more than they did, simple as that.

Moving over to the small table, Jade set down two cups of tea, one for herself and the other for her King. “I hope it’s okay, I’ve never really made tea before.”

Silver || Baculxlunae


The small fearling watched from behind a tree, he’d been following the princess and her friend ever since they left the lair. Yes he knew princess told him not to follow, told him it was dangerous, but… he was worried for Princess! What if her friend hurt her? What if the Guardians she worried about found her? He could warn her! He could help!

But it was dreadfully boring waiting around all the time…

Jade’s Top 5 Albums of 2015

It’s that time of year again when everyone starts reminiscing over the past 12 months and starts creating lists of the Top 5 things of that year. So here’s my list of my top 5 albums of 2015.

                                           5. Sterophonics -  Keep the Village Alive

Always have been and always will be one of my favourite bands so it’s a given that they were going to make an appearance on my list. I was so excited about getting this album because all of their albums have been great and of course this one follows in its footsteps. However, nothing will beat their first album Word Gets Around, which is the best one out of the bunch.

                                                                  4. Little Mix – Get Weird

I’m surprising myself with the fact a pop girl group are featuring in my list, but Little Mix have managed to do it. I was very taken aback when I first listened to this album purely because I was shocked at the fact that I was enjoying it. It isn’t just your normal pop album, of course it has the sort of songs everyone is imagining but it also have heavy beated sassy songs that you don’t necessarily always hear day to day on the radio.  

                                                         3. Nick Jonas – Nick Jonas

I will always have a soft spot for Nick Jonas, ever since the Jonas Brothers were around back in 2009. Nick’s new solo album is very different to the stuff he used to write when he was in a band with his brothers, but this is still something that I enjoy listening to. This album has a hip-hop vibe about it which is what drew me into it.

                                               2. James Bay – Chaos and the Calm

I fell in love with James Bay from the moment I heard Hold Back The River (now one of my favourite songs, ever) which obviously led me to getting the album. All the songs are rather simple and are quite slow … not ones you would throw on during a party, but it is perfect for when you just want to chill and have some down time and a singalong.

                                                   1. Don Broco – Automatic

My ultimate album of 2015 has to be Don Broco. Like all Broco fans, I had been waiting for this album to drop ever since they released You Wanna Know as a single about a year before the album was even set to come out. There is something about Don Broco that makes them a bit different to the average pop/rock boy band. Whether that be Rob’s distinctive voice or the quirkiness of their songs and rhythms, somehow it all works together and makes them great. Automatic is a perfect example of this and an album everyone should go and pick up.

                                           Written by Jade Warden