Irresolute (Jerrie)

Wow, it’s been awhile (once again) since I’ve posted something in this format, but I really want to thank everyone for sticking with me through this, and I also want to thank any newcomers as of late that have gotten into my writing and shared it with people that they know. I’m posting the first part to a fic I have been writing, and I would love to hear feedback on it. Since I already have another fic running (so don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about it) I would only keep this fic going if I got enough feedback and approval from you guys (part 2 would come soon because it’s pretty much done). So tell me what you think and thank you for the constant support!

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Untitled #4728 by angela379 featuring a summer romper

Zimmermann summer romper / Topshop shoes / Silver ring / Forever 21 tribal necklace / Stone jewelry / Onyx jewelry