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it honestly makes me fucking laugh to consider how much Jade probably incessantly teases Jake and Karkat like WOW you actually fucking did it you unironically fell for a strider you LITERALLY fell for all their ridiculously striderian charms and are in love amazing bravo well done I’m so happy for you and your heartwarming misfortune :) :) :D

Jake is just like LOOK………………… I KNOW. OK? I KNOW….

and dirk is just sweating staring at dave like ok but what does THAT mean and dave is creeping off exit stage right no one look at me I don’t even know these people I know NOTHING and can speak no words about the extremely knowing tone in this vaguely canine woman’s tone good bye

meanwhile karkat is just like look, that garbled flashing barely organic monstrosity you’re obviously so intrigued by is technically like at least a full quarter strider too so I do not want to fucking hear it jade harley do you understand me you are no better than the rest of us get off your fucking pedestal I swear to god

Deities of Earth-C


John: help people that feel like they weren’t strong enough, helps people that feel purposeless

Jade: disappears animal abusers, helps those that feel lonely, protects wildlife

Rose: helps people with addiction, protects young girls from exploitation

Dave: protects children from abusive parents, tells peoples fortunes for some fries


Jane: helps people who mess up recipes or just feel like they’ve messed up in general

Jake: helps children that lost people when they were younger, helps people be more confident

Roxy: helps people with code, helps people overcome addiction

Dirk: helps people repair stuff, helps people to unlearn toxic behaviors


Vriska: punishes abusive parents

Terezi: ruins people that abuse the power of the law, helps deliver fair punishments

Kanaya: protects orphans and those without a home

Karkat: protects and helps those with low self esteem, protects outcasts


Calliope: inspires children across the world to improve their skills and not give up on themselves, helps people with toxic sibling relationships


Collectively created by the discord fam. Feel free to add more!!!

My favorite thing about Neil Josten is the fact that he just?? doesn’t give?? a fuck???

LIKE dude showed his real appearance to the cameras, got this really menacing “"prank” on his birthday (which included gallons of blood) and the reveal of his actual age and sort of name to his teammates and that messed him up for a whole day AND THEN someone starts sending this sudden countdown to his cellphone ???

the cellphone only his teammates had the number to and he?? just?? didn’t care??

he REALISED it was a countdown, whipped out a calendar, saw when it ended, but how it wasn’t a death match game he just “eh, whatever” it???

the best part was when he was kissing andrew and the phone beeped and he just?? tossed it away???

like “NO, ominous countdown of my imminent and gruesome possible death, I don’t CARE. I’m kissing Andrew right now” ????


I’m JuST ???


hot diskhorse

Jade doesn’t owe Dave and Karkat affection because they had crushes on her when they were 13 and in this current day and age where media struggles to portray women in a way that allows them to act independently of and obtain fulfilling arcs that aren’t deeply and irrevocably tangled up with any of their primary male relationship(s), the fact that these two boys that put Jade on a pedestal in their youth are now an important yet not essential part of the map of her full character is incredibly refreshing. 

In a body of canon that, for example, includes a scene where Jade Harley literally explicitly says that she hopes Karkat’s feelings toward her aren’t romantic, it’s weird to me that a subset of the fandom continues to insist a polyromantic interpretation of that trio is the only canon, correct and in some cases non-Problematic™ point of view. Idk. 

The world beyond the bubble of Homestuck fandom still struggles to give women agency and endings that don’t revolve around finding their happy romantic ending with a man. It also struggles with showing men in healthy, happy, romantically exclusive relationships. Modern society also still struggles with the idea that men and women can be friends without romantic or sexual attraction and tension constantly at play within the dynamic. 

That both Karkat and Dave harbored serious crushes on Jade is canon. That Jade semi-reciprocated Dave’s in loose fashion (as shown by her dating Davesprite) and did NOT reciprocate Karkat’s is also canon. That Karkat and Dave both exhibit possessive qualities and are prone to jealousy is canon.

If you choose to take this jumble of things and ship them poly that is your choice. I get it. I’m not going to begrudge anyone their AU, or smudging things around to create a dynamic that you personally identify with, that’s a personal choice and go whole hog, sure. I think everyone has some things they prefer to look the other way on in their favorite bodies of work in order to facilitate an interpretation that they personally like better. That’s normal and cool and part of what makes fandom unique and transformative. 

But that’s the key – transformative. 

People often leverage the word “canon” like it means the same thing as “valid.” It doesn’t. Your invented dynamic that allows djk to have the dynamic you want for it is valid in the context of you and your group’s unique invention. You don’t need to justify it to me or to anyone. But if you invent something and then bristle at other subsets of the fandom not sharing your invention in favor of deferring to the text actually presented to us… all I can think is, what did you expect? 

I don’t know. 

And that isn’t even touching on this insistent I see places that somehow NOT inserting Jade into that relationship is indicative of a misogynist opinion or a disregard of Jade’s own stated wishes. I could talk for days about how I personally find it much more empowering to think of Jade as a character who was presented early on like her relationship with at least one of the popular male main characters was inevitable, like so many other female leads, but then – surprise! Her arc culminates in an appreciation for connection with all of her relationships, not just the perceived romantic ones with Popular Male Character #1 or #2. And I also find the message that boys can remain friends and even be best friends with women – including women they’ve had crushes on in the past – and have it not be weird or divisive or cause problems in their relationships so important. 

I know this is tumblr, and that 101 stuff seems so basic and unimportant, but in the world outside this hell site, those basic things are still disregarded by popular media every single day. 

I love Homestuck so much for providing us with alternative paths for common character tropes just as much as I love it for all of the amazing queer representation it gives us, even if the text itself was vague in places it should not have been and the ending itself was clumsily handled (an opinion I have talked at length about having and won’t go into here.) 

So I guess I just want to conclude this with: Go and ship DJK if you wish, that is totally cool, but please don’t circulate this opinion that I and others like me are somehow disregarding canon for problematic reasons, that we are misogynist, that we are ignorant of queer struggles, and so on, and please try to understand that when we talk about “canon,” we are not passing judgement on the “validity” of someone’s desire to see healthy poly representation. 

full disclosure, I love jade/davepeta

my ultimate it will never happen but if it could it would own wish for jade harley’s post-canon Direction is that by day she and Roxy work tirelessly on applications of absurdly advanced technology together to improve the lives of all residents of Earth C. Meanwhile Jade is just constantly up in everyone’s business, EVERYONE’S, all her friends and family who she loves very much become duly accustomed to just having her walk in unannounced at all odd hours to catch up or talk out her latest theories or just generally exult in the glory of human connection while the horror of 3 years in near-isolation recedes behind her, increasingly less forefront in her thoughts every day until some days she almost doesn’t think about how awful she felt and how lonely she was at all

Then one day she gets a message from Terezi, whose search for Vriska eventually somehow culminates in her finding a way into Ground Zero of the Green Sun incident, where she finds Vriska – along with Meenah, Tavros, Sollux, and Davepeta (the actual best character in Homestuck.) Jade uses the power of Science and Determination to help Terezi and various other involved people rescue these cosmic refugees

Eventually Jade and Davepeta are able to establish a romantic relationship based on current mutual attraction and a mingling of feelings referred from Davepeta’s recollections of being a Davesprite who adored and dated another version of Jade and Jade’s recollections of being a thirteen year old girl who was maybe kinda hoping resident Cool Kid Dave “Akwete Purrmusk” Strider might just go ahead and tell her he likes her already before he was murdered horribly and their paths diverged. 

They go into this relationship aware of those referred feelings but with a sense of purpose and agency and awareness that what they are doing while informed by those things is something new and Jade Harley Now is not the Jade Harley who died a meme-tastic death as the Wicked Witch stand-in of the Game Over timeline and Davepeta Now is not Davesprite and ALSO is not Dave Strider.

Davepeta enchants her with both cosmic insights about the Self and they talk constantly about Meaning and Purpose, sometimes in heated debate and sometimes in commiserative fashion, and fall in love based on things about them that are Uniquely Them as they are now, and everyone is very supportive of them 

And it’s a fun subversion of Jade’s implied character path if homestuck were any other popular piece of media from the very beginning (“ends up in a romantic relationship with Popular Male Character #1″) 

This satisfies my shipping heart which naturally does want everyone to Find Love without aggravating any of the things I expressed discontent about in my previous post

Thanks 4 Reading and please remember Homestuck Is Good and fandom, while it can oftentimes be frustrating, is also good