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Something wrong with the award ceremonies of the 4 major HK radio stations

Metro Radio
They give out over 100 awards, basically who ever attends will win at least one award. This results in a draggy ceremony and the singers who actually deserve an award end up getting like 4 and struggle to hold it all. Also this causes the audience to leave early. Usually most of the seats are NOT filled.

Chik Chak 903 
They are super biased! They have the same few people willing awards the past 10 years.

This is the “government’s radio station” and in general there’s not much to complain about their awards ceremony. I think the only annoying thing is their commemoration part. Do they do that every year? Well they’ve been doing it these few years and it gets boring.

Jade Solid Gold
This year they have the results 100% determined by HK citizens voting and a special poll taken by Hong Kong University students. I can’t tell who’s fault it is but WHY ARE THERE 20 WINNING SONGS BUT ONLY LIKE 10 SINGERS??? Aka some singers win multiple awards. I don’t that’s fair. In the future they should say that all singers should only get ONE song award.

TVB will no longer have the seasonal Best Selections mini awards ceremony.

It has been revealed that TVB is planning on cancelling the individual awards for the end of the year Jade Solid Gold awards. Every year Joey Yung wins the Best Female Singer Award and people do not like Raymond Lam getting best Male Singer. They want to only give out 10 awards for the top 10 songs.

TVB announced that in the upcoming JSG Awards Ceremony, even singers without a singer contract with TVB is allowed to compete for awards.

Ever since in 2009 TVB had copyright disputes with the four major music labels, it has been trying to develop its own music label. That led to the creation of the singing competition The Voice and The Voice of Stars. In 2013, the copyright disputes have been dealt with and singers from the four major music labels can go on TVB to sing again. That same year, TVB created its own music label The Voice Entertainment Group. Ever since, most of TVB’s drama’s theme songs have been sung by their own label’s singers.

What are the music labels’ reactions to this news? Turns out that the four major labels are not planning on attending the upcoming awards ceremony. EEG is dissatisfied that in the JSG Awards Ceremony 2013, not many of their artists got awards. Joey Yung won a few, but EEG doesn’t like how TVB’s music label won the most awards, which is like comparing The Voice Entertainment Group’s relatively newbie singers with the Cantopop queen Joey. As a result, EEG is not going to renew their artists’ singer contract with TVB after the current one ends. As for the annual awards ceremony, a spokesperson from EEG said that it will depend on the nominations and if the singer has time. In the JSG Best Selections Season 1 in June, Universal Music HK’s Kary Ng and Mr. had songs nominated, but neither of their songs won an award. Universal is not pleased, but a spokesperson said that Universal has not decided whether or not to attend yet. It will depend on the finalized selection criteria and the singers’ availability.

Without singers from other music labels, what will happen to the JSG Awards Ceremony?