jade road

I got snowed in today - all the roads in and out of town closed with police blocks - and so I literally just binged the entire season of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and I am alive again. This show was everything I didn’t know I needed and I recommend that everyone watch it. It’s so weird and funny and just an overall good show. 


so i saw mad max fury road today… and i remembered jade when i saw the dedicated guitarist 

so naturally after watching the movie i imagined a mad max au where the beta kids, alpha kids, carapricians, and trolls, are all fighting against crockercore to reclaim the cities Derse and Prospit; all the while trying not to die by the hands of crocker’s men, the midnight crew, led by “lord english” (caliborn) and maybe he gets pissed at them for taking his sister calliope or something. idk. and there’s a neat mix of really new tech and really old junk and fun combinations of the two.  

also “kiss me luck” is a popular phrase and action to the beta/alpha groups; usualy being said before doing something dangerous or self sacrificing and based on the idea that if someone likes you enough to kiss you, they’ll like you enough to miss you if you dont com back

dave’s vehicle is called “updog” and rose’s is named something long and ungodly and everyone calls it “leviathan” cause it fucking huge. bro drives a horse headed car, because he can. 


 said: omfg yes I am crying. And Jade as Tulio…yes….YES

affirmedlobster said: "Your Majesty, you know that little voice that tells you to quit whilst you’re ahead? YOU DON’T HAVE ONE.“

thathipsteremperor sent me this ask and it all escalated from there.

(The background is from the anime, because I was lazy.)

i keep thinking about davepeta and jade… at a vegas wedding…… davepeta in a hideously neon suit + skirt and jade with an equally bright cheap wedding dress………. smooching in front of some poor elvis with a horse mask… arquius is the best man and callie’s the bridesmaid (shhh theyre all at least 21 in this au)…………. then davepeta and jade ride off into the desert with all 27 of their belongings


Part two of my favorites from Katsucon! I’m Mara Jade, @two-can-keep-a-secret is Disney Princess Kylo Ren, @karissle is tall boots Trucy, @foxmulderings is Hobo Phoenix, and @brandneux is Miguel! If you see yourself, please tag yourself!

The Big, Awesome Alt!Calliope Post

Ok kids. Here it is, as promised. I have attempted to condense all my alt!Calliope rambling into one more or less readable post.

I don’t have one solid theory, and I’m not going to claim that any of the ideas I throw out have to be true. That would be rather silly, since I’m not the writer of the comic. However, I think the major idea I’ll be arguing fits well with the thematic tendencies of Homestuck, and it is what I have settled on expectations-wise for the gigaupd8. Whether I have settled wisely will not be determined until that far off date when we finally get new panels.

My main idea is the following: Alt!Calliope is not going to be a big hero or help in the endgame, not directly. This idea splits into two points, turning on the crux of one question: Does she exist?

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