jade polish

So. I bought a drill press that I shouldn’t have. Then went to a local lapidary shop and got a pound of agate for $2.50 and a pound of jade for $10. I polished a piece of agate and started working on making gauged earrings.


“Stop, that tickles,” Levi whispers breathlessly, a small smile gracing his lips as Eren’s nose nuzzles into his cheek and the side of his neck.

“But I don’t want to.” He can’t help but be honest with him. He’s been thinking about doing this for months and now he’s finally here, with Levi. He’s able to touch him, hold him, see his smile in person rather than over a screen or pictures.

Their fingers intertwine together and Eren gives them a gentle squeeze. Levi is breathless, not saying anything when Eren’s lips hesitantly placed a kiss on his cheek, his nose, his forehead. They say the words that Eren can’t outloud but he doesn’t need to. He knows Levi understands him without even trying.

“You’re just so, so,” he pauses. Levi stills, waiting for some kind of response but doesn’t get one. Eren’s heart clenches with so many different emotions that swirl through his body and he’s almost overwhelmed with them. He hates that he’s hovering over Levi, the other’s back sliding down until he’s pressed against the couch and Eren feels panic mix in with the other emotions.

“This is okay.” The reassurance is soft and Eren sighs, the breath ghosting over Levi’s face.

Eren is worried that Levi can hear his heart thumping loudly against his ribcage, ready to break out at any moment. It’s all because of him. Eren wouldn’t have it any other way. Levi makes him feel alive, gives the dull, grey and depressing life he lives purpose. Their hands are pressed on either side of Levi’s head and Eren squeezes his eyes shut for a moment.

“You’re so beautiful,” he wheezes out finally, all the air in his lungs leaving his body with the words. “You’re stunning.”

Levi rolls his eyes and avoids looking at Eren. “I’m not. I’m not even in shape.”

Eren almost doesn’t even recognize the soft laugh he coughs out from his chest and he presses his lips to Levi’s chin. “I’m not either. In fact, I’m quite worried about squishing you with myself.”

Levi had never said that Eren’s weight bothered him, always told Eren that he was cute, gorgeous, beautiful; he always said that he would want to hug Eren and never let go. Eren wanted that. He would give anything for Levi.

“I don’t mind,” Levi says. “I like a little chub.” He chuckles a little and squeezes Eren’s hands.

Eren almost comments back “I’m not chubby, I’m fat. We’ve been over this” but doesn’t think it’s worth the effort for a small argument right now. So he settles for something else.

“I like you.” He can’t help it anymore. He knows that Levi knows about his stupid feelings, Eren making it as obvious as he can without having to explicitly say it but this time he wants to, needs to say it out loud for Levi to hear. “I like you, a lot. You mean everything to me. I would crawl across the earth to see you smile. To hear your laugh. Everything about you,” he presses his forehead to Levi’s chest, “everything about you is so calming to me.”

Levi doesn’t say anything. Eren doesn’t expect him to. So he continues.

“I just, I just, I want,” he’s stumbling over his words, the feelings and emotions in his chest making it harder for him to breath, “I was, want, I want to worship you. Workship, worship,” he fixes his mistake with emphasis on the word, “you. To praise you. I know how much you love being praised, how embarrassed you get because you’re not good at taking compliments.”

He can’t believe that he’s actually saying these things out loud, that he’s telling Levi how he feels in person rather than over the phone in text messages. Words are hard to decipher the meaning over a screen, but here in person, Levi can see that Eren actually meant every sentence and word he’s ever typed out to Levi.

“There’s nothing special about me,” Levi finally comments back and the look in Eren’s eyes hurts him in a way he hadn’t felt in years.

“There’s so much special about you though.” Eren presses their foreheads together. “You’re so strong, funny, kind, talented, gorgeous. You’re my sunshine on a cloudy day, the stars in your eyes are the only ones I care to see, your smile lights me up and makes me feel warm. Safe. You make me feel loved and special and all these things that I can’t explain.”

Levi’s watching him with careful eyes and Eren sucks in a breath to keep himself calm. “And I know, I know that… I know that love is hard, it’s hard for you because of everything but…” He can’t bring himself to finish his sentence and starts pulling away but Levi holds him tight, anchors him down so he can’t leave.

“But what?” He whispers, searching Eren’s eyes for a an answer.

“I, I, uh, I want… I want to try, let me try.”  

“Try what?”

“To show you what real love is. How it feels now. I want to try and smooth away your jaded edges, polish you up so you can shine like the beautiful gem that you are.” He swallows thickly when he finishes, silence settling over them as he watches Levi chew on the inside of his cheek.

Finally, he answers.

“Okay.” It comes out quiet, soft and Eren can already feel his heart swelling with joy.

“Yeah?” He has to double check, triple check because he doesn’t know what he would be able to do with himself if Levi was only joking.

“Yeah,” Levi nods. “I want to try too.”


Pictures from the spell jar I made earlier this week ✨💚✨ My bf recently quit his toxic job so I thought I’d help him out by making this good luck jar! Inside are dandelion seeds and the crystals I used were aventurine (raw and polished), jade nephrite, and clear quartz. 😊


Now you see it, now you see it again Pt 15:  silk screen

Phryne’s blouses reflect the explosion of colour and patterning that typified the 1920s with its art deco, geometric designs, and eastern and Egyptian influences. 

One of these blouses  has a cowl neck, the silk draped in soft folds at the front, petal sleeves, a set in waistband and intricate buttoning to the V-shaped back. The fabric’s pattern of olive and dark green-greys resembles polished jade or perhaps Egyptian debens, weights.

It first appears in Blood and Circuses. Phryne, Dot and Jane are clustered around the kitchen table, tasting the contents of a saucepan. There is harmony of colour both inside and out into the courtyard with gentle pinks, peaches , beige and creams, greens and khakis. It is a simple scene of domestic felicity.

The change of mood is sudden as Mr B announces the arrival of a visitor. Domestic delight is shattered immediately and a sombreness descends on the scene.

Mr B: Mr Samson to see you, Miss Fisher, from the circus…. Oh. Should I suggest he call another time? 

Phryne: No, no, I’ll see him. 

Dot: Who is he? 

Phryne: He’s… ..someone I knew a long time ago.

It is not the visitor himself who engenders alarm, as Samson is as gentle as he is gigantic, as mild as he is massive.

Samson’s presence evokes memories of things past for Phryne.  Of circuses and her sister, the ever-present sense of loss, of guilt, of desire to know what happened.  The earlier scene in the kitchen reflects Phryne’s happy memories of being with her sister at the circus before she disappeared, both colours and composition - Jane and Janey’s ribboned plaits, the sepia tones.

The conversation with Samson and his request for Phryne to assist with an investigation of a suspicious death at the circus, takes them first to the veranda of Wardlow where a bunch of lavender complements Phryne’s dark purple suit jacket worn over the blouse …

Sam: But I hear you’re in the business of solving crimes. 

Phryne: I’d like to help you, Samson, but I can’t. I can’t go back there.

Then to City South to engage Jack’s help on a case that Phryne does not believe she can take on.  This time the coat has matching hat and feather trim.

Jack remains to be convinced of the need for his interference, having already assigned the case to the ghastly Snr Sgt Grossmith.  

But wait! Could Jack’s tie be a match for Phryne’s blouse?

Phryne, Samson and the blouse head off to take on the case without Jack’s assistance (for the time being),

and Jack decides, nonetheless, to keep a closer eye on things in the background, and has a bit of a lean (on Grossmith).

Jack: Miss Fisher was just inquiring about the carnival murder.

G’smith: Yeah, it’s all in hand.

Jack: Perhaps you could use some assistance. Constable Collins, you’ll be working with Senior Sergeant Grossmith.

But that’s not the end of the beautiful blouse. As Phryne decides to go undercover under the big top, we see the blouse being slowly transformed.

Phryne: Anything with feathers, fur or fins, Dot! Bring it all! 

Dot: Why the disguise, Miss? 

Phryne: Circus people are a very suspicious lot. They’re not likely to tell the truth to an outsider.

The shadow of Janey’s disappearance, abduction and murder by Murdoch Foyle is a constant throughout the series. In this episode, the circus recreates the events that Phryne reveals to Samson are “never far from my mind.”  Murdoch Foyle himself lurks with intent:

And what of our Jack and his lack of interest in the case? Well, of course, he soon realises Grossmith’s duplicitous conduct, and it is he to whom Phryne reveals her guilt, in a scene as poignantly telling as it is tragic:

Phryne: It was too late. 

Jack: You were just a child. 

Phryne: It was my fault. 

Jack: No. No, I can’t agree. I dismiss the charges. 

Phryne: You can’t. I lost her, Jack. I lost her.

Now I know there’s a very similar blouse in Death Comes Knocking, but forensic examination has revealed it’s not the same  - similar silk chiffon fabric, but the sleeves, colour and fabric pattern are different…. So there goes that line of symmetry.

But there is another sighting…

The blouse’s second appearance is in King Memses’ Curse, as Foyle’s full narrative unfolds - his actions are the result of self-obsession and a self-proclaimed transcendence requiring sacrifices, Janey’s and Phryne’s among them.

Phryne wears the blouse with her detective trench coat throughout its occurrence in this episode.  We see it on her second visit to an academic, a former student of Foyle’s, who has agreed to help decipher the meaning of a ring and some inscriptions on two Egyptian debens, weights found on murder victims. Unbeknown to her, Rhodes is collaborating with Foyle and leading Phryne into a well-planned trap.

Rhodes’ cravat bears an uncanny similarity to the tones of the blouse, as do the decor and artefacts of his office.  The setting is harmonious rather than sinister reflecting Phryne’s ignorance of Rhodes’ complicity.

Phryne: So what’s the significance of the ring? 

Rhodes: Well, Egyptians believed if your name was written down, it identified you and assured your ascendance to the afterlife. 

Phryne: And the four goddesses protected you? 

Rhodes: Yes. Yes, most sarcophagi have the four goddesses wrapping their wings around each corner to protect the soul on its journey. And I have those translations for you. They’re just notes, phrases. The first one means ‘to dedicate’. And the simplest translation of the second deben is 'the girl child’. 

Phryne: To dedicate the girl child. So that’s what he thinks he’s been doing. 

Rhodes: Girl child, or possibly daughter.

The horrible truth then comes to her as she understands the danger in which she has left Jane at home, despite a protection squad. Still unsuspecting of Rhodes’ involvement:

Phryne: Would you mind if I use your telephone?

Once she is at home the danger is immediately realised; a household drugged, Jane missing.

She goes straight to Jack and the differences in their demeanour and character are marked in their exchange; Jack composure and reason, Phryne desperation, the horror of history repeating itself leaving her in anguish and despair:

Jack: Alright. Let’s go through the facts calmly.

Phryne: How can I be calm when the fact is we haven’t the faintest idea where Foyle’s taken her!

(NP: I wanted to give my Jack a stillness and gravitas to counter the whirlwind climate that Phryne naturally creates around her. For me, it was important for him not to be thrown or dazzled by that atmosphere and to be the stillness in that storm.)

But they scarcely have time to consider where Foyle may have taken Jane when another tragedy reveals itself. Theresa Cavalli, another former student and also former lover of Foyle’s, is found, literally, on the sacrificial alter at the local church. (Father O’Leary must eventually question Dot’s association with his parish! It is littered with corpses…)

The colours of the mosaic floors and the vaulted transept seem too to reflect the tones of Phryne’s outfit; harmony amidst chaos.

From the church back to City South, where Phryne sees the extent of the forensic attention Jack has been giving the case.  And more sepia tones backgrounding their exchanges.

Their dates of birth link Foyle’s victims, and  Foyle himself. And then Phryne too.

Phryne: My father was drunk when he registered Janey’s birth, and he put the wrong date on the certificate. It should have been me Foyle took instead of Janey. It’s my birthday, Jack. Midsummer’s Eve, same as the others. I’m Foyle’s fourth goddess. That’s why he’s after me. 

Jack: So all he needs now for his ascension into the afterlife is you.

Jack takes drastic action to ensure the maelstrom of Phryne’s reaction doesn’t harm her or those she loves.

Phryne: Foyle can have me, if he lets Jane go. 

Jack: You can’t go and offer yourself. 

Phryne: Rhodes is the last one on Foyle’s list, and he has the ring. I need to go back there. 

Jack: I won’t let you. You’re under arrest… For your own safety. 

Shadows and bars, so often the image of those Phryne defends, imprison her. But it is short-lived; Dot, conspiring with Hugh, releases her and she is drawn further into Foyle’s game plan.

Jack retraces Phryne’s steps from earlier that afternoon, to Rhodes’ office, its decor now quietly ominous:

Rhodes: Inspector. Come in. 

Jack: Thank you. 

Rhodes: I heard about Mr Monkton and Mr Waters. Terrible news. 

Jack: And Miss Cavalli’s body was found earlier today. She was strangled. 

Rhodes: Oh. No. I’d hoped she was somewhere safe from him. 

Jack: She had a ring that Foyle was after. I believe Miss Fisher left it with you. 

Rhodes: Yes. A rare artefact from the Fifth Dynasty. The reign of King Memses. 

Jack: Given it’s part of our investigation, we’ll have to take it into police custody. 

Rhodes: Yes, of course. Miss Fisher left in a hurry, but I kept it safe for her, with the rest of the antiquities collection. Downstairs.

Phryne’s final visit too, seems to be shrouded in menace. There are eyes everywhere.

The camera provides a close-up of a statue of Anubis, the jackal god, god of the dead, watched over the process of mummifying people when they died.

Phryne is lead, inevitably, irrevocably, to Foyle.

Foyle: Well done, Phryne Fisher. Did you like my trail of crumbs? You can kill me now, but you’ll never see your daughter or policeman alive. My fourth goddess.

When we drink from these sacred cups, you and I will leave this mortal life in peace and full knowledge. First you, Miss Fisher. Your limbs will grow heavy but your mind will calm. And I will help you cross over to the other side as swiftly as I can… And you too will lie beside your sister, for all time.

Jack and Jane combine forces to release themselves from entombment just in time to foil Foyle, and catch the flagging Phryne, semi-conscious from Foyle’s toxic draught.

So that’s it for the blouse, as we next see Phryne recovered and ready to host her birthday party in one of the most ravishing of gowns.

And as Phryne prepares to celebrate her birthday party, Jack slips into something more comfortable  - a lean, a matching tie and a glass of champers.


Desafio Musical: 7 - Light my Fire by Fernanda Valquiria
Via Flickr:
7. Light My Fire – The Doors 

random fav scenes from TLG that i’ve probably talked about 348584 times

their first meeting where khadgar basically pisses himself when he sees him and can only make a “strangled hissing noise” at him. and medivh was like moroes wtf is wrong with this kid

khadgar snapping at medivh like fucking burning him “well you haven’t really done anything” and then when he goes to apologize and Medivh just fucking laughs 

“he smiled and the room felt warm and cozy again” nuff said

Khadgar noting how well tailored medivh’s robes are to his frame like…gay.

“I know the meaning of your name as you know mine”

medivh knowing khadgar was a nosy little shit and opened up the letter and he was like heh i would do the same 

khadgar sleeping on tables in the library? fucking nerd

khadgar’s canonically the nosiest bitch ever?? and an expert at opening locks and shit

medivh asking khadgar about the fashion trends in dalaran over breakfast? lmao

Every scene with Moroes

medivh being “pleasantly surprised he was still there” every morning :’) 

medivh just straight up shoving knowledge in khadgar’s head. like literally because he’s fucking lazy “don’t they teach you anything in dalaran?”

khadgar’s description of medivh’s smile while he’s killing the orcs and later on aegwynn “the smile of the wolf, the predator” (something like this but I love it?/) like mother like son

“Yet it was her eyes that held his attention — green as summer forest, green as polished jade, green as the ocean after a storm. Khadgar recognized those eyes, for he had felt the penetrating gaze of similar eyes, but from her son.” like holy shit khadgar

medivh constantly being there “in a second” “at once” “immediately” whenever khadgar is hurt and fussing over him

khadgar reading letters to medivh while he’s in one of his mini comas but only the funny parts..because he didn’t think medivh should be alone

Khadgar fighting off SARGERAS WITH A LETTER OPENER TO savE MEDIVH depsite the fact that he’s absolutely fucking terrified

medivh waking up and seeing khadgar on his floor and the first thing he says is “why are you on the floor, lad? moroes could have gotten you a cot” like ?

khadgar blushes a lot in this book?? and like 80% of the times involve medivh 

garona beats the shit out of khadgar when he attacks her thinking she’s an intruder

khadgar being a jealous little baby because Garona is spending time alone with Medivh (*squints*) 

the fact that despite this Khadgar and Garona become friends. its cute af. 

medivh telling khadgar he’d check all the anti demon wards to make sure they’re working just so khadgar would feel safer 

khadgar’s dumbass gets caught by some orcs and Garona is like um this is my slave and when they walk away they have an exchange about “why would she want a human slave?” and then “THAT’S DISGUSTING” like oh my god they thought khadgar was her sex slave

Khadgar falls to his knees and screams when he finds out medivh betrayed them

garona’s absolute devastation when she sees the vision of her killing Llane

garona and khadgar running down the stairs screaming at moroes to run because medivh’s gone mad and his reaction is “more than usual?” and then “wherever would I go?” 

moroes being completely unsurprised even in death 

Sargeras/Medivh admits that he almost cried while killing Moroes and Cook 

Lothar’s heartbroken howl when he attacks medivh

Medivh sobbing when he sees the vision of him attacking his mother

Khadgar saying that he believes Medivh kept them close because he knew he would need them to stop him 

“Thank you..I fought it..for as long as I could.” 

lothar believes khadgar immediately when he says medivh has gone fucking nuts while Llane refuses to believe it (and also says people come to him all the time saying that l m a o) 

Lothar cheerfully smacking khadgar on the back and every time he almost knocks khadgar on his ass

Lothar listening at the door while Medivh and Khadgar talk. Medivh being completely aware of this and trying to open the door quick enough so he’ll fall on his face 

Khadgar noting that Lothar is far more intelligent than he would have thought at first glance and that he has to be careful so lothar doesn’t trick him into saying too much

khadgar saying his loyalty is to medivh but he’ll keep him updated for medivh’s sake

garona saying she trusts no one and when khadgar looks hurt she corrects herself and says she trusts him 

khadgar crying when the soldiers are beating garona and trying to burn them alive but lothar shows up and is like yo whats up

“how long have you been able to see me?’ “from my very first day’

medivh and khadger getting drunk and medivh trying to get khadgar to lift the mug magically..only for khadgar to have to fetch a broom moments later

khadgar seeing those visions of himself in the future. ow

every single time medivh scolds or corrects khadgar and then quickly proceeds to gently reassure him or make light of the situation 

“sacrifice” he said bitterly

medivh crying as he absorbs the magic from karazhan or whatever and the last images are of Khadgar when he first got there. And the description of khadgar having butterflies in his stomach.

okay just literally the whole book and the recurring theme of fate and time and *gestures wildly* its heartbreaking and gay and I love it


Yet it was her eyes that held his attention — green as summer forest, green as polished jade, green as the ocean after a storm. Khadgar recognized those eyes, for he had felt the penetrating gaze of similar eyes, but from her son.

The Last Guardian quotes 1/? 


under the cut, you will find 86 poc fcs &. their ethnicities, as requested by no one but 110% needed in the rpc because R E P R E S E N T A T I O N is important as hell ! all fcs that are included here have a decent amount of gifs and resources and if any ethnicities are incorrect, i apologize ! i researched to the best of my ability. please like and reblog if you found this useful, angels.

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Yet it was her eyes that held his attention—green as summer forest, green as polished jade, green as the ocean after a storm. Khadgar recognized those eyes, for he had felt the penetrating gaze of similar eyes, but from her son.

He smiled at the collected creatures, and it was a savage, brutal smile.

Aegwynn let out a ragged breath and smiled. It was the smile of the wolf, of the predator, of the victor.  

Thomas Sanders is a treasure that needs to be protected from everything awful in this world- and I had to try and show how much I adore him (because that’s what crazy people with too much time and too much finger nail polish do). 

I have two favorites of his, Schools Getting Tougher and If I were a Dog Show Judge, all are hilarious but I just love these two so much. They crack me up.

All polishes used are OPI, and I used the new Bundle Monster to stamp the numbers. That mouth kicked my butt though!! I had the hardest time making it look presentable then just gave up and did a slash. x__x

What do you think, thatsthat24? ^_^

By the way, if you’re curious, here is the Vine I’m talking about: