jade olivia gordon

Being a true fan doesn’t mean dreaming about getting married to your star and insulting his/her girlfriend/boyfriend. It means loving his/her movies/music and being happy, as long as he/she seems happy and has success. 
You will never really love your star, unless you know him/her personally. Because the person you love out of magazines and interviews isn’t real. 

I cannot stand the hate Jade gets. It really is truly horrible. You think she likes being bullied over the internet? You think Tom likes it?

Tom’s happy with her, you can tell that because they’ve been together for years! The way they look at each other, you can tell they love each other.

I don’t hate Jade, quite the opposite in fact. If Jade wasn’t with Tom then he would be single, unhappy and thousands of girls would be throwing themselves at him every chance they got. I prefer them to both be happy and together.

I respect that she likes to keep her private life private. Why? Because I, personally, wouldn’t want people knowing about my life either. I wouldn’t want people knowing where I was and what I was doing every minute of every hour of every day.