jade novarino


above: Jimmy Curry on “Not Narcissistic, Just Alone!”

Yesterday, a group of students from a PSU class about expanding curation came to visit my exhibition in Eliot 125. We sat around in a circle and talked about the work and the space and what it means to claim “residency.”
30 people have thus far come to see the work and it feels really important to show my work to a caring community. I am working through all of these new projects and revisiting old ones, and having dialogues and answering and asking questions has proven invaluable.

New videos and poems are being made in residence until the end of the show.
The show will be up until May 8 with a closing reading at 6 PM.


In Memoriam by Jade Novarino

Featuring shirts from Hunter Lane, Josh Wilkinson, Kira Jacobson, Mia Freiberg, Lina Neidhardt, myself, Lauren Nelson, Harrison Salton, Jonathan Rincon, Christian Gerstoft, Olivia Boyce, and Ebony Crandle. Thank you (all) for participating and being there (always).


It’s stupid how much I’ve gone over this piece.
I would let it exist in a pile of other paintings
for a while, but then I’d remember it and would
have to do something about it. Today I gesso’d it
completely and scraped through to draw the
original figures. I don’t ever want to see it again.

I’m going to go make tomato, avocado,
lettuce quesadillas                        now.