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Nicole Kirkland Presents: INFIDELITY

“Loyal“ by 6Lack | Created & choreographed by: Nicole Kirkland
Directed & edited by: Darrin Bush

Dancers: Natalie Bebko, Abigail Brockman, Jade Chynoweth, Allie Giroux, Sam Holmberg, Haley Jonae, Tayler Reef, Lexee Smith, Macy Swaim, Junna Yagi


Performed by: Willdabeast Adams, Jenna Alvarez, Tahani Anderson, Natalie Bebko, Marvin Browning Jr., Jade Chynoweth, Noah Citek, Janelle Ginestra, Jason Hancock, Taylor Hatala, Kesh Kesh, Sienna Lalau, Sean Lew, Tati McQuay, Josh Price, Julian Ray, Kaycee Rice, Liv Simone, China Taylor, Taylor Thomas and others

Number: “That’s What I Like”

Choreographers: Willdabeast Adams and Janelle Ginestra

Style: Hip Hop

From: IMMASPACE Dance Studio (2017)


I Am A Woman - Poem by Jade Anouka  

Appearances by  Noma Dumezweni, Frances Barber, Finty Williams, Faye Marsay, Caitlin McLeod, Jenny Jules, Hana Walker-Brown, Pearl Mackie, Anneka Harry, Gabby Wong, Tanya Loretta Dee, Marley Morrison, Frances Eva Lea, Amy Lennox, Kerry Howard, Sabrina Grant, MyAnna Buring, Grace Savage, Beverly Walker, Ann Yee, Antonia Thomas, Jade Anouka, Natalie Ibu, Judi Dench, Jackie Clune, Martina Laird, Phyllida Lloyd, Jacqui Walker, Jennifer Joseph, Laura Dockrill, Cherrelle Skeete, Harriet Walter, Tawiah, Adrien Logsdon & Dolly, Rachel Denning, Tanya Moodie, Sharon Rooney, Jessica Clark, Genevieve Barr, Clare Dunne, Emilyne Mondo, Helen Cripps, Shanna Baynard, Danusia Samal, Zainab Hasan, Gemma Cairney, Emma Dennis-Edwards, Kathryn Drysdale

  1. Joan Osborne - One of us

  2. No Doubt - Don’t Speak 

  3. Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby

  4. Robbie Williams - Angels

  5. Liquido - Narcotic

  6. The Calling - Wherever You Will Go
  7. blink-182 - Dammit

  8. Nirvana - Where did you sleep last night

  9. Green Day - Brain Stew/Jaded

  10. Natalie Imbruglia - Torn

  11. Puff Daddy- I’ll Be Missing You

  12. Oasis - Champagne supernova

  13. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside

  14. R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts

  15. Hanson - MMMBop

  16. The Offspring - The Kids Aren’t Alright

  17. Counting Crows - Mr Jones

  18. Semisonic - Closing Time

  19. Nirvana - In Bloom

  20. Green Day - Basket Case

  21. Santana Feat. Rob Thomas - Smooth

  22. Spin Doctors - Two Princes

  23. Andreas Johnson - Glorious

  24. Oasis - Wonderwall

  25. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

  26. U2 - One

  27. Michael Jackson - Earth Song

  28. Spice Girls - Wannabe

  29. Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You

  30. Britney Spears - Baby One More Time

  31. Radiohead - Creep

  32. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication

  33. Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles

  34. The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony Dido - Here with Me

  35. Smash Mouth - I’m A Believer

  36. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue

  37. Rick Springfield - Jessie’s Girl

  38. The Cardigans - My Favourite Game

  39. Pixies - Where Is My Mind

  40. R.E.M. - Losing My Religion

  41. Wet Wet Wet - Love Is All Around

  42. The Cardigans - Lovefool   The Rembrandts- I’ll be there for you

  43. Lemon Tree- Fools Garden

  44. Seal - Crazy

  45. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge