jade is everywhere


I took a sketch break from never ending finals just to doodle Werewolf!Jade dating adventures. comes in various flavors and all of them are amazing.

I’ve been following gelasticat (follow them for quality homestuck arts) because their art is gorgeous and I’m kinda wryly amused at the stupidity that follows them around because people keep forgetting that trolls’ lips are canonically black.

But that got me thinking - trolls lips are black. Like. Solid black. And then they have lipstick. Kanaya specifically uses lipstick. The quality of pigment in their lipstick needs to be pretty fucking intense, considering their lips are black.

I now want silly rosemary fluff where upon Rose tries Kanaya’s lipstick and makes a mess of herself because there’s jade. Everywhere. And it’s thick and vibrant and holy fuck it will not come off.

I don’t know, I am a sucker for makeup messes and fail cleaning up as part of a domesticity trope.

I just want Rose sitting in the middle of her room, surrounded by clothes and stuff smeared irreparably with jade, staring at the camera with a “I have made a terrible mistake” expression on her face.