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She-Hulk and... Marvel’s Netflix Shows

Why you should be reading She-Hulk if you like Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

Nowadays Marvel is everywhere, but the most recent interest seems to be on it’s Netflix shows such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and the upcoming Luke Cage. This is understandable as they are great shows; they are dark and gritty in a way that used to be only reserved for DC fans, but also entertaining in a ‘I need more!’ way.

After watching both series it left me wondering: if people are liking these, then why aren’t they reading She-Hulk? (Ignoring the fact I could watch any show and still have that same thought). Don’t get me wrong, She-Hulk isn’t the same story, it can be much different, but there are definitely aspects of the shows I have seen people pick up on that also appear in She-Hulk.

Focuses like Daredevils ability to manage a split life of being a superhero and a lawyer, Jessica’s adventurous sex life and interest in drinking, and the representation of ‘human sidekicks’ - non powered humans who are essential to help the hero. All of these things that people watch and love can be found on the pages of She-Hulk. Granted, they are not explored in such a serious way but She-Hulk is a funny character, they won’t be. The beauty of her character is that she explores these important issues in a fun, approachable, way so through all the laughter you realise you have actually learnt something.

Let me show you what I mean…

She-Hulk is a badass woman who is not only strong but quick witted and intelligent, using her superior strength to protect those she cares about. She can be found helping people not only on the streets, but also in her alternate capacity in the office; a hero at heart, using the powers she was given to help the greater good.

Now replace ‘She-Hulk’ with ‘Jessica Jones’. See my point?

She-Hulk manages to balance a hands on law career with her superhero life, doing all she can in the fight against the bad guys. And yet there is always one battle left - against herself. There is always that anger inside, the internal monster, which leaves the question: am I a savage or superhero? Devil or angel? Am I both?

Sound like anyone?

Our jade-giantess is famous for doing whatever she wants (and whoever she wants) while still managing to be a superhero and lawyer. She enjoys her life, not taking everything so seriously, which makes her so great to read. She may not be as much of a hard-core rough comic like Daredevil or Jessica Jones, she is definitely more light-hearted and fun, but I am just asking people not to dismiss her as she has some serious storylines. There is so much more to her than just being a girl hulk and I genuinely think that fans of the Netflix shows would enjoy her books.  


The ABCs of the Avengers.

S is for She-Hulk.

When attorney Jennifer Walters was injured, she was lucky that her cousin was nearby and had the same blood type, so he could give her an emergency transfusion. That’s about where her luck ended, because her cousin was Dr Bruce Banner, also known as the Incredible Hulk. When Jen received Bruce’s gamma irradiated blood, she also received her very own Hulk to go along with it, turning her into the Savage She-Hulk.

Fortunately for Jen, her Savage days didn’t last too long. She quickly learned to control her transformations, and remain in control of herself as well. As She-Hulk, she would have a sense of confidence that had at times eluded her as Jen, and she would spend long stretches of time remaining in her six foot plus, green skinned supermodel form. She would continue to act as an attorney, and split her time between her day job and her newfound position as a superhero.

Trouble followed She-Hulk, just as it followed her cousin, but Jen met it with a smile and a joke. Whereas Bruce’s transformation into the Hulk was a curse and a product of his damage psyche, Shulkie, as she was sometimes nicknamed, viewed her new life as an adventure. She’d become a member of the Avengers, and substitute member of the Fantastic Four on multiple occasions. She-Hulk is currently the leader of the A-Force, an Avengers team comprised entirely of women. 

She-Hulk is one of Marvel’s most fun loving characters, and most of her solo titles have heavily featured her sense of humor and compassion as selling points for the book. Her 1989 “Sensational She-Hulk” series featured her breaking the fourth wall and interacting with the writer/artist John Byrne and the editors, long before this became par for the course with Deadpool. Most creators after Byrne choose to leave this aspect out of their portrayal of the character, though occasionally she’ll wink at the readers from time to time. 

I’ve always liked She-Hulk, and I’m glad to see her front and center with A-Force. An all female Avengers squad would feel incomplete without the Jade Giantess as part of the roll call.