jade from little mix

One Direction is so messy though like Liam’s ex Danielle Peazer lives with Jade from Little Mix - the girlband which Zayn’s ex fiancé Perrie is in. And oh by the way Danielle was also friends with Eleanor (Louis’ ‘ex’) until Eleanor became friend with Sophia (Liam’s more recent ex) but get this, both Eleanor and Sophia are friends with Caroline Flack (Harry’s alleged ex) and they’re all still friends with Lou (the boys’ stylist) and Lottie (Louis’ sister) Oh and let’s not forget the time El and Sophia posted a snapchat video of them jamming to Zolo Zayn’s “Pillowtalk” to be a lil salty and then when Louis and Perrie were platonically spotted together and the world broke in two.