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Underrated Actors

Have you ever watched a movie and thought, ‘that guy looks really familiar’? Well all movie buffs going to see the next installment in the Hobbit trilogy- The Desolation of Smaug- when it hits cinemas in December will be saying just that! 'But for whom?’ I hear you ask. John Bell!

This impressive young actor has had roles in Wrath of the Titans (Helius), Battleship (Angus), A Shine of Rainbows (Tomas) and the popular TV show Tracy Beaker Returns (Toby) but it all started when he won a Blue Peter competition in 2006 to play Creet, a human on his way to Utopia. But his most exciting role to date has to be Bain, son of Bard (the Bowman) in the next two Hobbit movies, The Desolation of Smaug and There and Back Again. 


But no, his talent doesn’t end there! He’s a vlogger as well. Find him on YouTube with the username - John Hunter Bell - and you wont be disappointed, he is hilarious.  


His extraordinary acting skills means he has landed parts in four Blockbuster movies over the last couple of years, and he’s only 15 years old! Not bad for a Glasgow lad, if you ask me. For those that haven’t seen or heard of him before, you are really missing out. John should get so much more attention than he does. Also it’s not every day that you find a polite celebrity like him because as they say, manners go a long way, and John’s so likeable on social networking sites (Twitter and YouTube) and in Peter Jackson’s 11th Production Diary for The Desolation of Smaug.   


I’m very impressed with John’s acting talents and he is by far my favourite actor at the moment!

Album of the Year- Jimmy Eat World-Damage


Jimmy Eat World have an impressive back catalogue but their latest album, Damage, is some of their best work. With variety and substance, this album has songs that will make you weep, smile and want to fall in love. An effortless, minimal album that is easy on the ear and makes for a great listening experience.


We all know art is one of the hardest skills to master and Amy Pears, a local artist, sat down with me to explain the nooks and crannies of her incredible gift!

Q- How did you find out you were so talented at art?


Amy- Well firstly thank you, and how I remember it is in S2 (Second year) we were assigned the homework of drawing our bedrooms; everyone moaned thinking it would be impossible (including myself), after starting the homework I realised I was enjoying it and the work I was producing wasn’t bad! When I handed it in, the praise I received was great and it inspired me to keep getting the same kind of reaction for the art I did.


Q- How do you find the time to sit for hours and draw, etc?


A- Once I start I can’t stop basically! So when I decide it’s time to draw/paint something else it doesn’t get put down until its too late at night to carry on. And I feel like starting something usually after seeing something that inspires an idea or just passion in general.


Q- What inspires your art?


A- If I go to an art exhibition and see a style or subject matter I like, I might go and paint a simplistic recreation of it. Or just the things we do in school art classes, if I enjoy it or get an idea from something it makes good practise.


Q- Who would be your favourite artist?


A- I really like Andy Warhol at the moment because I prefer more realistic artwork compared with styles like cubism etc. I think this is because the style I prefer to paint and draw in is quite realistic.


Q- What would be your ultimate art achievement?


A- Well to get into a good art college would be great if I decide art is definitely what I want to do after education. But after that, selling some artwork would be hugely rewarding because the thought of someone appreciating your art and wanting to purchase it is really great! And also having work exhibited would put a huge smile on my face!


Q- Which art college/uni would you prefer?


A- Well Edinburgh college of art is somewhere I am considering. But also Glasgow. Obviously I have a few more years to think about it and do some more digging but at the moment those are the options I have.


Q- Have you started any new art projects you would like to talk about?


A- At the moment I’m focused on school work; it’s portraiture and we are fairly busy with essays and paintings etc. however I have been collecting tags off clothing purchases of mine which I hope to make into some sort of collage so I’m excited to get to work on that when I can.


Q- What words of inspiration do you have for other artists?


A- For people of my age: practise at home! You may think you have better things to do with your spare time but it will really benefit your art experience! And it’s FUN!

Film Character of the Year- Daniel Bruhl’s Niki Lauda


Daniel Bruhl didn’t have an easy job playing the iconic race car driver who showed little emotion and suffered life threatening burns in a horrific car crash. And to make it even harder, it was all based on a true story! Rush was said to be one of the best films of 2013 and Daniel’s portrayal of the incredible character was highly admirable.

Book Character of the Year- Jay Gatsby, The Great Gatsby


The Great Gatsby had a great year in 2013. The movie was greeted with high praise and so were the actors who played the characters. However, the outstanding character of the book had to be Jay Gatsby! He was brought to the attention of the general public all over again with the 2013 film, but nothing beats the original book. If you’re looking for a fascinating lead character, then Gatsby is your man!


Luke Evans seems optimistic about his role as Eric Draven in the up coming remake of The Crow! 

Take Off Your Colours- You Me At Six

A mind-blowing debut album from You Me At Six, who are taking the world by storm. Their first album is enough to make you a die hard Sixer before you’ve even finished listening to the album with catchy riffs and none stop amazing music. There isn’t a bad song on this album, which is hard to find from a professional band let alone a bunch of inexperienced musicians.


You Me At Six haven’t disappointed with this utterly brilliant album and their diverse use of ballads and rock is unique making this is the most professional debut to hit the shelves of music stores in 2009. A clear five star review for this album have come from several big names in the music industry including other musicians that respect the work of YM@6. Their music is catching the eye of critics all over the world as they embark on tour after tour in the States and in the UK to share their music.


‘The Truth Is A Terrible Thing’ is one hell of a way to start an album with it being like a taster of what’s to come, finally when the bigger, harder hitting songs come you already know all the words to the previous ones. This is seriously addictive, an album you won’t stop listening to.