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Hey Con goer! So every SACANIME I write letters to people in homestuck cosplays and pass them out as PM!

But this year, I want to do things a bit differently! I want to have the letters signed by different characters! For example:

Dear John,

blah blah blah. (something about whatever and blah blah)

-Dave Strider

(there can be quirks, a ps at the end, and it can be written any way! IT CAN BE ABOUT ANYTHING!!)

But id need some help writing these! If anyone would like to send in their letters, id really appreciate the help! It can be to and from any homestuck characters (any kid, troll, and carapace!!) Im going all out on these letters, and im even starting on packages! (theyll contain things such as candy and little knick knacks of sorts!)

If youd be so kind to write these for me, Ill put your tumblr name at the end of the letter so people know who came up with the letter!! 

Please send them to my ask/submit box, or Reblog so others can see and help!

The reason i do this every year is to bring a little sweet and fun into the fandom that’s known to be toxic. Its so cool to see everyone smile when they open my letters! My first con friends were made when I handed them letters, and they thought it was the coolest thing!

Thank you so much for the help! I cant wait to see everyone! Maybe one of you will receive one!! I’m making extras this year! -Nina


Derse: Rise up.

“Awake, arise or be for ever fall’n.” 
― John MiltonParadise Lost

DIRK: codedredalert DAVE: insipidsentimentalist
ROXY: goodbye-friendsiamgone ROSE: spritesplode
JANE: yumeroku JOHN: grimduck
JAKE: organized-pandemonium JADE: little-shuffles

PHOTOG: tadashioniisan 

I think one of the things a lot of people forget (or dont know) about Homestuck is how there is pretty much as many female characters as there is male and all of the females are mother fucking badasses. 

Look at all these 






And the boys are equally badass. Homestuck is fucking awesome. Not to mention the CANON same sex relationship(s). 


[S] Feferi, Eridan, Cronus, Meenah, Jade and Jane: Go to a Human Museum of Science

[THIS FOOTAGE WAS FROM EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO. It was lost for a very long time until recently. It’s from last year’s 4/13 meet up that mectohoney hosted.]

Feferi gathers a few trolls and humans to spend time at Discovery World, a human museum of science and learning. There they enjoy a variety of things including an aquarium with many sea creatures!

Feferi || Cronus


Andrew Hussie © Homestuck, Cronus Ampora, Feferi Peixes and all other mentioned characters