jade crew

jadehassoune: 😂I couldn’t help it. 🙊 had to do an epic walk.
This is what the real inside of the #institutelooks like. And this #armour is way too good so
Here are some of the creator and makers and builders and put togetherers
Shelly Mansell
Heather Crepp
Angela Elter
Mel Rampen
Sylvie Smith
Kim Porter
Juliann Wilding @juliann_wilding
And there’s more!

Of all costumes you see in the show by the way! 

If John and Davesprite had gotten along they would have created an in-universe version of Vine during the three years trip just to document all the nonsense they got up to

y'all: omg I hope Rad Likes Robots is RadxRaymond!!!

me: *remembers how everyone lost their shit in a bad way about bubbline like 5 years ago*

me: *remembers how there’s still people who vehemently believe ruby and sapphire are “really good friends” and CN has made no effort to deny this*

me: *remembers how they censored the gay background dudes in Clarence from kissing full on to doing a weird french cheek kiss*

me: *remembers that d*nald t*ump is president and homophobia is alive and well and a boy/boy relationship would make shitty parents lose their minds and CN is no doubt aware of this*

y'all: wtf it’s Rad and Shannon >:((((

me: lol