jade cosplay progress


Soo this weekend will be an exact year that I’ve been cosplaying Jade and wow does it feel like progress. Through the pictures you can see my progress and I’ve made a lot. The first picture was actually at the con last year. And the last picture is of when I recently cosplayed her for fun. I’ll be doing gt Jade again this year at the same con and I’m so excited. Time does make a difference if you set your mind to it.


Some WIP pictures from my 3am Jade. The dress is finished and i got the wig two days ago. And i thought “Imma gonna do some make-up tests today”.  So we went outside with my lil sister and she took some pics.

Let me tell you about Hom..the dress. All of those white dots you see. Are beads. And because i’m badass, i made horoscope star constellations from them. In all it took 2 and a half days to do this whole dress. I just need to make the girl’s bestfriend gun and find the right shoes for this. And oh yeah wait for the real glasses i’ll be using for this.