jade bird

Gemsona Color Palette Masterpost

Hello everyone!

Today I dedicated myself to create 49 different color palettes from different gems, to inspire you guys to work with them!

I’ll put some here, but most of them will be under the cut, hope you like them and find them useful!


Bird’s Eye Rhyolite


Bruneau Jasper (Bruno Canyon Jasper)

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So, those of you who are considering birds or thinking of getting another one, let me show you Jade’s beak. She decided to pick a fight with my cockatiel and as you can see, it ended poorly for the sweet little bean. She already had some damage to her beak, which is why this is so bad.

There are going to be times where fights happen and you might not be quick enough to keep it from escalating, and like little children, birds are troublemakers. They are also wild animals you’ve brought into your home, and even if they get along well most times, it might not be so the next minute. You as their keeper have to accept these truths and be hyper vigilant; and even then sometimes things like this may happen.

Jade is fine. It’s sensitive and we have her in quarantine until it heals, but your bird may not be so lucky. There’s a major blood vessel that runs through the beak and if it were to be severed, your bird is in serious trouble. This didn’t even bleed and we immediately took her to the after hours clinic. Our vet told us what we already assumed, agreed that quarantine would be best, gave her scritches and sent us on our way. We’re out $60, but at least we know she’s okay.

In a situation like this one, it’s better to be proactive, because once you’re reacting to something different with your bird, there’s a chance you’re already too late. I’m not trying to scare you, but please. Please. If you don’t think you can afford emergency care, or don’t think you can be involved enough, a bird may not be the right pet for you.