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Can we just talk about how cute these are?!  OMG seriously i took this and almost died of cuteness overload <3 I love the poses so much!!  And this family and all these cute babies, aaahhhh.  Ok sorry.  Enjoy these photos, i hope you love them as much as me xD

Linny fanfic reclist

Faves are italicized!

If I had to beg for your love, would it ever be enough (oneshot - 5214 words) by TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel - Luna was in love with Ginny for years.

Girls with Short Hair Who Play Quidditch (oneshot - 2540 words) by azurish - Ginny contemplates stereotypes.

Grazed Knees (oneshot - 5483 words) by montparnasse - Ginny and Luna, after the war.

The Rumour Mill (oneshot - 3045 words) by such_heights - Luna comes out, and gossip circulates about her and Ginny.

This Stone at My Back (oneshot - 3595 words) by Lomonaaeren - A tour around Ginny’s and Luna’s shared home. 

Triangle (oneshot - 2274 words) by holyfant - Ginny realizes that Luna has never lied to her.  Harry/Ginny/Luna.

Six Impossible Things That Happened To Ginny Weasley Before Breakfast (oneshot - 3315 words) by Thistlerose - Ginny’s having a weird day, and Luna makes it weirder.

An Icon of Luna (oneshot - 2011 words) by Lomonaaeren - Luna regularly wanders off barefoot during blizzards.

Reflections (oneshot - 2748 words) by SoulJelly - Ginny/Luna during DH.

The Swift (oneshot - 2053 words) by centreoftheselights - Soulmark AU.

The Night Diminished (oneshot - 3407 words) by coyotesuspect - Set during Deathly Hallows; Ginny and Luna share a moment of peace.

as real as magic, all that and more (oneshot - 2406 words) by isloremipsumafterall - Luna/Ginny fake dating.

Like a Cocoon (oneshot - 1230 words) by Padfoot Reincarnated - Luna believes that everyone falls at least a little bit in love with their best friend.

Patience (oneshot - 2340 words) by Missy Jade - Luna wears berries in her hair.

Confessions (oneshot - 2621 words) by Arishako - Ginny tries to confess her feelings to Luna.

No One’s Redemption Story (oneshot - 2853 words) by SycoraxSebastian - Ginny does not need Harry Potter to save her.

Adoring Her (oneshot - 4194 words) by bobbirose - Ginny and friends play a game that reveals whether or not you have a crush.

Ginny Weasley and the Headless Horseman (multichapter;complete - 23744 words) by Qurinas - The summer before fifth year, Ginny and Luna investigate a mysterious creature haunting an American witches camp.

Not So Berry Challenge: Jade Berry (mint)

Here is my sim for the Not So Berry Challenge, Her name is Jade Berry. I had a lot of fun making her because I discovered cc I didn't even know I had lol. I guess that’s part of the challenge, doing things in the game you’ve never done before.

Heres a link to the challenge: http://lilsimsie.tumblr.com/post/157671494755/not-so-berry-legacy-challenge