jade and saphir


Ortion Cavern had long been abandoned, ever since… that day. The Order never assigned anyone else to the cold, wet caves. Saphir knew because he devoured all information on the Order, perhaps hoping to cling on to the one thing he choose for himself. Yet there was noise as the party entered. Deliberate, patterned noise. Human noise.

“There’s an intruder,” Saphir whispered out as a warning to others. This conclusion was surprising considering that the cavern was off the map, and if the Order needed any of Dist’s documents, they would have collected them years ago. The party listened to Saphir nonetheless, going through the cavern slowly, until they came across it- him. The stranger was dressed like Dist, but appeared just as old as Saphir was. He was covered in soot and hurt in a few places. From what? Saphir could only back away and look to Jade for guidance.

“A replica..? Who would make… Jade, you didn’t make that, did you?” Jade shook his head, but Saphir didn’t believe that. Perhaps it had been a failed attempt to cover up what happened. Why was his replica so filthy, though?

Short Story of Jade

Source: Tales of the Abyss Character Episode Bible p.52-53
: Takumi Miyajima (TOA main scenario writer)

Translator: Eirlys-Tylluan
Raw Provider/Proofreader: DimensionSlip

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On Jade and Dist's Relationship

Today, I wish to offer a perspective rooted in canon regarding Jade and Dist’s ever-changing relationship. Are they friends? Are they enemies? What canon says may come as a surprise to some people.

This essay will be divided into the following parts:

  • The Early Years: Childhood Friends
  • Working Towards a Common Goal: Colleagues
  • Into the Abyss: Enemies
  • Conclusion: Hope for the Future

Over the course of this write-up, I will be quoting the following canon sources:

  • 3DS Tales of the Abyss Complete Guide
  • Tales of the Abyss Character Episode Bible, particularly Short Story of Jade and Short Story of Dist
  • Shiro no Ashita: Jade Balfour

And once more, here we go again.

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gracefuldist  asked:

“Everyone here says I’m just a mistake…”

“I didn’t say that. Nobody matters but us.” But me, Jade thought.

He could never understand why Saphir cared so much about the opinions of the other students at the Academy. Jade was glad his classmates were mostly afraid of him; they would hardly ever bother him because of it. Saphir did get bullied worse (and Jade didn’t blame them, Saphir was an easy target) but only during the rare times they were apart.

Do you wanna test some fonons
Do you wanna test some fonons



Do you wanna test some fonons

Let me just show you what I made

I never see you out of school

I’m not a fool

Stop pushing me away

I wish we could be buddies

the two of us

and Nephry but not that boy

Do you wanna test some fonons?

Long as it’s not the Seventh fonon.


Go away, Saphir.


Okay, bye.


Do you wanna test some fonons?

Or make a replica or two?

I think fomicry tests are overdue

Know we can do it if

we work just me and you

(Hang in there, Professor!)

It’s not that gets lonely

They’re just jealous of me

Still I’d like you by my side

(It’s Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose)



Please, I know you think that

I am not even worth your time

To you I’m just a villain with a runny nose

One of your foes, one you would kill.

I want those days to come back

When it was just you and me

I’ll bring the Professor back

Then surely you’ll want to test some fonons.

Here it is, the colored version of my Peridot-Garnet prediction fusion: Zoisite. I know she looks like a two gem fusion, but she has more eyes under those shades OuO

I’d love to see if anyone else would like to variate on this, make her a different color scheme/ gem (with the same initial design), I’ll post it here if u want.