The struggle is real,rn.

I hate the fact that since I live in America,I can never go to any of James Arthur’s concerts. I am undoubtedly in love with this man. For everything he is. I’m at the point where I love him too much and I’m just like, “Nooo. I don’t want to like you anymore. You’re occupying too much of my brain.” 😂

But seriously,if there was one person I could meet,it would be him. Who am I kidding? I’d probably pass out before I even got there.

I’m not a typical fan either. I don’t buy his merchandise,I don’t blow up his twitter or say things like “Notice me” or “I love you. Follow me.” Because that’s so damn cliche. I hate it.

I just jam the fark out to his music which I know word for word,I have a slideshow widget of him on my phone and I post about him. I admire him from afar. And until I can actually go to a concert,that’s what I’ll continue to do.