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Jada Toys Halo 4 Die Cast Series 1 vehicles and characters are set to debut in August 2012.

With more than 13 years producing collectable die-cast, Jada Toys has become known for their quality castings, paint, and style. This experience shows in their new line of Halo die-cast, due to be released in August 2012.

Featuring a unified scale approach, Jada has created a line of die-cast Halo vehicles and articulated characters that are all in scale to each other. Series-1 models from the upcoming Halo 4 video game include the Warthog, Banshee, Mongoose, and Ghost. Also available is the popular Hornet from Halo 3!

Keep an eye out for the 14-inch die-cast Halo 4 Collector’s Edition Warthog, also coming out in August 2012.


The Jada Toys Batmobile from Batman V Superman.

This is probably the best version of this Batmobile you’re likely to find for some time. It sits at a 1/24 scale, the top panels plus the canopy doors and rear spoilers? are diecast metal. As such it has a bit of heft to it, making it feel more expensive than it actually is.

I payed €25 for it, plus €10 for shipping. The closest alternative to this is the Epic Strike Batmobile from Mattel, which is ugly, really really ugly, and brown for some reason. And €40+, which is why I got this one.

As far as I can tell from comparing this to images of the production model, it is missing three things. The headlight units, the rear exhaust ports and the exhaust pipe. All of which can easily be ignored.

I do like the paint for it, a nice matte grey. A unique thing actually, Batmobiles tend to be black.


For some reason, at Toysrus, the Cutie Pops are over by the baby dolls instead of the fashion dolls, it’s so odd. Anyways, I thought I would go and check out what they had and was ecstatic when I saw that all Cutie Pops were on sale (not clearance) for half off. So $10 instead of $20. Another awesome deal! :D

What’s even better is that they had Carmel!!! I have never seen her in store since she was released and goes for almost 40 bucks on Amazon. I’m not all that fond of the three dolls from this line. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are definitely cute and worth buying (even at full price). I’m just frustrated that they didn’t release the original Carmel from the initial promotional photos. That prototype was WAY cuter than this release. Anyways, now to just judge the doll on its own. Carmel has really pretty hair and skin color and the purple streaks are nice. I LOVE the pops in this line, especially the little plates that have a fork and dessert on them. So overall, I am very happy with the doll design, however, unfortunately, I got one that was packaged badly and the left leg is permanently curved, making one leg look bow-legged (I wouldn’t have minded if it had happened to both legs). Now she can’t lean against the back of the shelf like the other Cutie Pops unless her right leg is bent forward. Very frustrating but I can live with it seeing as I got her for $10.

“He Die-Cast Me”: Jada Toys’s Ghostbusters Set

2016 was a bizarre year for Ghostbusters fans. On one hand, we were getting a brand new Ghostbusters movie for the first time in 27 years, Hi-C Ecto Cooler made its Internet-breaking return, and we got more brand new merchandise than we’d had in ages. 

On the other hand, the frustrating and face-palming “controversy” surrounding the Paul Feig-directed reboot caused a lot of unintentional “Ghostbusters fatigue” for a lot of us. I never thought I would ever be exhausted of the iconic “No Ghost” logo if I lived to be a billion years old; congratulations, 2016′s moronic internet fanboys, you broke me.

Still, it’s Halloween, and I’ll be damned if misogynistic mouth-breathers ruin this holiday for me. So let’s take a look at an awesome Ghostbusters-related toy, shall we? Specifically, the Jada Toys Metals figures!

I’m going to be honest, I love the direction Jada is taking their “Metals” line. They’re slowly carving their presence in the “quality but cheap” collectibles circuit, especially since they’re the only mainstream “collectible die-cast figures” line of this caliber on the market. And now that they’re expanding their licenses beyond Batman v Superman, they’re beginning to make a decent splash with toy fans/nostalgia bloggers.

A few months ago, they took full advantage of the new Ghostbusters flick, releasing the classic quartet along with a supersized (and super heavy) Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Those all look terrific, but the topic of today’s review is the killer “Slimed Venkman and Slimer” two-pack.

What I love about Jada’s style for these characters is that they’re all based around the stereotypical superhero build, which makes Joe Schmo characters like Peter Venkman look laughably muscular. Let’s be honest with ourselves, Bill Murray could never be an action star. So when he’s designed to have pecks like Bruce Wayne, it’s hilarious.

Everything else about him is pretty accurate though. From his distinct hairline and cocky demeanor to his detailed jumpsuit and incredible proton pack. The electric green slime pops awesomely, the paint is even and clean…damn good figure. Really fits well with Jada’s style; like Funko Pops before them, Jada Metals are slowly developing a very distinct look about them, and it really shows here.


The real reason I bought this two-pack was for Slimer, who looks downright horrifying and completely ignoring Jada’s trademark style. He looks like a legitimate, high-end Slimer toy slapped onto a pretty clever base of levitating Nickelodeon Gak. I love seeing toy companies figure out how to make their Slimer figures float; Funko pulled it off the best so far, but I must give Jada props for their attempt.

I don’t know though. There’s something about this focused, non-terminal repeating phantasm (or class 5 full roaming vapor) that just looks…off. His mouth is contorted into a wide, toothy, open grin, but behind his eyes I see nothing but sadness. His face reminds me of the tortured monstrosities from Spy Kids, for the seven of you who remember what I’m talking about.

Either way, I feel like a tortured Slimer is much more haunting than a “wacky fun times” Slimer. But now I’m thinking too much about life after death and the curse of our own mortality, and that sort of existentialism ain’t cool.

Ghostbusters! Die-cast toys! Silly ghosts! Bill Murray one-liners!


This goes out to all of the people that buy Cutie Pops or other Jada Toys products. Recently, Cutie Pops held a contest called “The Amazing Name Contest” in which contestants submitted entries that they came up with to be the name of the one of a kind doll that became the prize for the winner of the contest. In order to win, an entry would have to gain the most likes through Facebook. There were a couple entries that were doing really well and they got hundreds of votes then about a week or so before the contest was over, one entry that had next to nothing suddenly gained enough likes to be in first place and just stopped for a few days. The entry that had previously been in first place gradually built up it’s votes to be back in first again and kept slowly gaining more votes. The entry that had skyrocketed to the top then gained several hundred votes and put itself comfortably back into first place with 837 votes where it remained for the rest of the contest. Not a single vote was gained in those last days. Some of the other entries lost some votes and those that cared enough about the contest still continued to trickle in what they could. Now looking at the entry with 837 votes, their activity was highly suspicious. Some people did some digging around and found the woman’s Twitter. What they found was astonishing. Her Twitter account was being used to enter DOZENS of contests all over the internet within SECONDS of each other. This was obviously the work of a cheater that uses bots. Many people have sent messages and emails to Cutie Pops about the suspicious behavior only receiving “We’re looking into it” as a response. The contest ended and the suspected cheater was announced the winner. Cutie Pops also posted a message saying if anyone would like to report any suspected instances of cheating, to please email them. Many, MANY people have done so since the contest ended on April 10th and still have not received a response.

Please share this with everyone you know so people can become aware of what has happened!

For some time now, I’ve been wanting to make my own Cutie Pops outfits and I finally did! This fashion, which I nick named “Chilling Out” shares the same concept that all Cutie Pops fashions share, and that is, that you can interchange pops! All that's missing for this fashion is a fur vest, that I’m currently finishing up! I’ll post a picture of the complete look soon! I had so much fun designing and making this fashion (I even had a chance to work on my knitting skills!) and there will definitely be more in the future!