jada pinkett-smith

I’m to good to you pt 2

Continuation: after Jay leaves you try to keep yourself busy otherwise you would go crazy thinking about what just happened and what was going to happen once Jay walked through that door.

But hours pass and he still isn’t home. And by 12 you’ve showered and you decide to sleep in Jay’s bed. You keep your underwear on and before you know it you’re fast asleep.

You hear the door to the bedroom close shut and you wake up from your sleep to Jay staring at you with puppy dog eyes.

Y/N: what?

Jay: you look happy when you sleep… What where you dreaming about?

You smile at him, and run your fingers through his hair.

Y/N: I was dreaming about the first time we met.

Jay: oh you mean when you violently attacked me.

Y/N: you pulled up my skirt on the playground!

Both of you laugh and Jay climbs into bed with you.

Jay: I was a little asshole back then huh?

Jay wraps his arms around you and you snuggle close to him.

Y/N: you still are.

Jay starts tickling you

Jay: oh really

Both of you laugh and you roll over on top of him and push his hands above his head as he notices you’re in your underwear.

Jay: I thought I told you to be naked when I got home.

Y/N: you missed that show. It was hot too.

You lean down and nibble on Jay’s ear lobe. Jay rolls over on top of you

Jay: I love you

Jay’s eyes shoot open wide and you can tell he is panicked by what he just said, then you can feel him start to get up, but you pull him back on top of you.

Y/N: I love you too

Jay stops and stares at you for a moment.

He lingers over you and starts to run his fingers down your body. When he touches you your body begins to heats up and you moan..

Jay slides out of his pants and pushes your panties to the side then slides his long hard dick inside of you

Jay fills you to the brim and you can feel your body start to tremble as he trust further and further into you. You get to the point where you can no longer take it and you flip him over on top of him and begin to ride him

The two of you fill the air with moans of pleasure and you can feel Jay’s dick throb inside of you as you kiss him softly

Jay: Shit I just cam.

You start to laugh and you see that Jay is pouting at you.

Jay: I knew I shouldn’t have let you ride.!

Y/N: and why is that?

Jay: I always cum fast when I get rode.

Y/N: excuses… My pussy was just to much for you admit it.

Jay: man what ever

You start winding your hips.

Y/N: admit it

Jay looks exhausted but you don’t care. Jay grabs you hips to stop you but it only makes you grind harder and faster

Jay: OK OK! You’re to much for me.!

You smile and kiss Jay’s lips again.

Y/N: I’m hungry, what about you?

Jay: starving.

You head down stairs and make the two of you sandwiches and as you walk into the living room Jay is standing there naked with sweat glistening off of his body. He motions to the chair

Jay: sit down.

Y/N: what?

Jay walks over to you and takes the plates out of your hands and sets them on the counter. Then he turns his attention to you. He walks towards you slowly and you begin to walk backwards, as he pushes you to the chair. You sit down and look up at him.

Jay: I don’t think you cam as hard as I wanted you to.

Jay bends down and grabs your hips towards him in a sudden jerking motion. Then he trails kisses down from your cheek, to your chest, then stomach. He stops for a moment then he begins licking and sucking in your pussy lips. Then without warning he begins sucking on your clit causing you to arch towards him and moan his name.

He looks up at you for a moment with a devilish grin on his face.

Jay: cum for me y/n

You begin to become light headed and your entire body is on fire as you climax. You go completely limp and Jay picks you up and carries you back to his bedroom. Jay lays you on the bed and showers you with kisses.

Jay: you OK.

Y/N: better than OK. You?

Jay kisses your forehead.

Jay: still want that sandwich.

You smile up at him.

Y/N: I’m super hungry now.

You two share a quick kiss and Jay leaves to get you food.

When he returns your fast asleep. And the next morning the two of you wake up next to each other