jada and tupac

Jada Pinkett Smith on Tupac Amaru Shakur

“When I first met Pac, growing up in Baltimore, we were two fiery, passionate, ambitious young people. We both came out to California. He went to the left, I went to the right, slowly but surely. He tried to straddle, and he would go back and forth. Before he got locked up and went to jail, he called me. That whole experience in New York [Shakur was convicted of participating in the sexual abuse of a young woman in a New York City hotel room] spun him out. My whole argument to Pac was, "You know what? You don’t need to talk to me about what actually happened in that room, because I don’t want to know. But you know for a fact that if you were there, that should not have happened to that woman. Period. I don’t care what time she came up there, who was there, what was going on.” And he completely agreed with that. He said, “I should have protected that sister.” And he said, “This is it. I’m not thugging, I’m not carrying no guns, I’m not doing nothing.” Then his album came out: Me Against the World. And he got locked up. bell, he got locked up, and you could see it in his eyes: Jail took something from him. I don’t know what happened in there. I know he had a lot of problems with the guards. I don’t know if it just broke his spirit or broke his pride. I don’t know what exactly it took, but he was never the same after that. And he made a decision: I’m not straddling the fence any more. I’m going there…………One thing Pac did not understand throughout his life: You have got to be responsible for your actions. And you will reap the consequences. Period. You know, Pac and I weren’t speaking when he died. I was okay with that, I really was, because that wasn’t the first time. Pac and I had a very volatile relationship all throughout. It was a trip because we’d never been romantic, to have all this passion.“

Source: Essence Magazine (1998)


“ If Pac and I had any kind of sexual chemistry, we might have killed each other because we were both so passionate. And you know, we loved deeply,It was hard enough with us just being friends. It was a volatile relationship You know, I love him, He left a very strong and powerful mark. People are still inspired by him. So he did his work.“

Jada Smith on her relationship with Tupac

2Pac: The Theatre, 1983.

While most know 2Pac for his music, he also acted in movies and wrote poetry. One might think that the artistry just came natural to Tupac, which might be the case to some degree, but he also had his fair share of training before getting roles in movies such as “Poetic Justice” and “Juice”.

He was a mere 12-years old when he enrolled in Harlem’s 127th Street Repertory Ensemble and was cast as ‘Travis Younger’ in the play “A Raisin in the Sun”. A role which he performed after turning 13, at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, to raise funds for Jessie Jackson’s presidential campaign.

After his family moved to Baltimore in 1986, Tupac spent two years at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School before transferring to the Baltimore School for the Arts. There, he studied acting, poetry, jazz, and ballet, performing in Shakespeare plays and starring as ‘the Mouse King’ in the ballet “The Nutcracker”. It was also at the Baltimore School for the Arts that he met his very dear friend Jada Pinkett (Smith).


Kat Graham on playing Jada Pickett Smith in the “All Eyez on Me” film [x]

“She called me a few weeks ago and we talked about the project and I told her what I was doing in it and parts of her life that we’re recreating, and she’s extremely supportive and a loving woman,” Kat gushed. “We sound similar, and I’m a sound person. She is a musician too, and I was an engineer before I was even a music artist, so I’m all about tones and we have a similar tone … She’s pretty much my idol.”