jad has feelings

I am sure as shit tired of hearing about how people avoid Silvermoon. Good for you, stay the fuck out. You don’t like the quality of roleplay that you find there? That’s your own business and it is completely within your power to not take that portal or to request your partner to scene elsewhere in the world.

However, I am officially going to start filing that right next  to ‘lol belves’ and will backhand the good jesus out of the next person I hear it come from. You are deluding yourself if you somehow think there isn’t awful roleplay happening in Orgrimmar, Undercity, and anywhere else you might find roleplay. 

Is there lots of questionable activity in Silvermoon? Ye, but there’s about 10x the activity, period. Some of it is bad, but mostly it’s just not up your personal alley and this is a staggering offence to some people.

I swear this is the exact same shit as when people act like someone needs to prove themselves if they have a belf. I don’t hold the (many) asshole Orc/Troll/Forsaken roleplayers against people. You owe everyone else the same courtesy so can we just not. 

tl'dr no one cares if you don’t like silvermoon. no need to explain yourself.