sorry cant stop thinking about jake and rose but okay seriously

somehow I DONT KNOW HOW but somehow jake and rose are one of the healthiest canon ships ive ever seen in a cartoon like. like. just look at them as jake and rose, not as american dragon and huntsgirl.

jake and rose first meet and theyre immediately in like with each other. it’s more obvious from jake’s side since he’s the protagonist but it’s pretty clear rose is into him too. so there’s lots of mutual flirting and they compliment each other and try to spend more time with each other and even tho trixie and spud tell jake rose is out of his league - he doesnt care cuz he thinks rose likes him too and he wants to see where the relationship could go!!! and they have nothing but respect for each other and are just so optimistic about their potential relationship that even tho they have sworn duties outside of personal lives they try their best to see the relationship through……..

and then when jake finds out rose is huntsgirl he’s shocked and blows her off and rather than question him or get mad at him or anything rose totally respects that he needs space even if she thinks its for a different reason than it is AND THEN she waits a few days before trying to reconcile and continues to not push him until he gives some sort of signal

and then when jake reveals his identity to rose you can see the look on her face is so shocked and shes realizing - it wasnt because we didnt get to hang out on the ski trip, that wasnt it even a little bit, it was this, this life she didnt even enjoy living, and at that point she probably wouldve been fine using the word love with jake but she knows at this point there’s nothing she can do and she just leaves cuz she cant let him be in that kind of danger and like

like then its true that she breaks his (and her own) heart a whole bunch of times but its all done so OPENLY she never denies that she does love him and shes not afraid to let him know that her feelings are there and when she pushes him away rose explains why she tells him exactly why she feels like they can’t be together and they TALK ABOUT THINGS and its just. i. i dont know like

like??? HOW CAN THESE TWO BE SO PERFECT??? theyre star crossed lovers and mortal enemies and yet SO HEALTHILY PORTRAYED AT THE SAME TIME. theres never any disrespect between the two. there’s misplaced insecurities and ten minutes of betrayal with thoughts that jake would probably regret for the rest of his life but there’s just. never any disrespect. and i really love that. idk. i love these two. jacuzzishipping lives on 4eva

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Jake and Rose's kid?

  • Name: Logan
  • Gender: male
  • General Appearance: this right here!
  • Personality: very chill, a lot like his dad in that hes not very studious, but his favorite activites are surfing and reading so he does well in some classes anyway
  • Who they like better: no preference
  • Who they take after more: dad! but hes not /quite/ like jake haha
  • Personal Head canon: 
  • Face Claim: i literally couldnt find anyone so idk

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I just finished rewatching American Dragon. Oh boy my heart hurts. I'm just curious as to what you think happens to Rose and Jake after the events of the last ep? Like Rose remembers some stuff and I just AHHH.

I LIKE TO THINK that they would make the long-distance relationship thing work. they just feel like one of those special relationships that could last the whole time

esp since they can do dream dates and hang out all the time while theyre sleeping and itd be sO CUUUUUUUTE


jake/rose & snake/scar _ tell me you’ll stay

jake/rose otp tags part 1

otp: what’s a nice girl like you doing hunting unicorns? | otp: what’s a nice guy like you doing outside in his undies? | otp: hi! hi yourself | otp: that’s a really cool dragon tattoo | otp: yes yes most definitely yeah | otp: when i think of all the times i fell in love | otp: she’s so far out of your league you don’t even know | otp: i have unfinished business with this dragon | otp: ooh you’re really good! | otp: you’re not so bad yourself dragon boy | otp: even a mortal enemy that fine?

otp: but it’s totally cool i feel exactly the same way | otp: hey hot stuff - miss me? | otp: i liked you better tied up

otp: i’m gonna ask rose | otp: i was just wondering if you had any plans…for the dance? | otp: i just wanted to make sure you were taken care of | otp: i’ll see you at the dance okay? | otp: i wanna dance with the prettiest girl in the room | otp: you’re a better dancer anyway | otp: i was just going to thank you for the dance | otp: i guess we both just came here with the wrong people | otp: maybe next time we’ll make better choices?

otp: for me? you shouldn’t have! | otp: i like a girl who knows what she wants

otp: just ask her out already! | otp: mac daddy jake has gotta play it cool! | otp: it’s good to see you too | otp: please tell me you’re not gonna be in some play just so you can be all up in rose’s grill? | otp: forsooth your antony has arrived | otp: and straight up ask your little dime piece out! | otp: i can’t wait to start rehearsing! | otp: how bout some one-on-one rehearsal time for the two leads? | otp: forced to choose between love and responsibility to their cause | otp: act 4 scene 15 | otp: it’s not just a kiss | otp: it’s what the kiss represents | otp: the totally intense connection between them | otp: it happens because they’re ready to completely surrender to each other | otp: are you ready? | otp: so you finally planted a big smoocherino on miss rose or what? | otp: i tried but i just…freaked | otp: everybody freaks their first kiss | otp: it’ll happen when it’s right | otp: i’m sorry if i freaked you out | otp: passionfruit yeeeaaah | otp: are you cool with that? | otp: i’m really sorry call you later bye! | otp: we haven’t earned it | otp: but we haven’t been through anything together | otp: i can’t do the play tonight | otp: it’s a date! | otp: i’m just glad you’re okay | otp: i audition for romeo and you juliet | otp: we could just go out on a real date sometime | otp: just you and me | otp: talking to you later?

otp: my one and only focus will be… | otp: pudding m'lady? | otp: that’s what friends are for! | otp: she digs me! | otp: you always seem to be at the right place at the right time these days | otp: speaking of the right time…

otp: i don’t know where that nose came from though | otp: not as awesome as the real thing | otp: what’s with the two of you always almost kissing? | otp: i don’t think rose is ready for the d word | otp: roses are red puppy tails waggin by the way i’m a dragon | otp: i saved you a seat | otp: i love a good sleigh ride | otp: rose is totally buff! | otp: roses are red jake wants to hurl cuz he just found out that rose is huntsgirl | otp: looks like you’re mine at last | otp: how ya like me now? | otp: they were right… | otp: why did you save me? | otp: we’re mortal enemies or did you forget? | otp: i wish i could | otp: that doesn’t change my destiny | otp: i’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to hang out this weekend | otp: is this seat taken? | otp: i don’t wanna let you go

otp: got a second? | otp: you could be in love with your mortal enemy | otp: i don’t know whether to kiss her or incinerate her with a fireball | otp: catch me if you can | otp: i just wanna have a good look at you before i slay you tomorrow | otp: in your eyes - something familiar | otp: every thorn has gotta have a rose | otp: i think there’s another side to you | otp: something familiar | otp: what did you call me? | otp: say it to my human face | otp: the mysterious and the romance and the vavavavoom of the whole thing | otp: she’s gonna be my main squeeze | otp: she digs me! | otp: i need to get a hold of her

amdrag!au where rose’s role is how she was originally going to be portrayed - a lois-lane-type school reporter! i imagine her goals would be similar to rotwood’s in that she wanted to prove to everyone that magical creatures are real and she’d end up getting stuck too deep and in danger all the time and jake would save her and eventually she’d join the team of jake/trixie/spud and they’d save magical creatures together

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How do you think Jake/Rose went down after the finale? :'D

SOB i like to think that they tried for long distance and it actually worked out

and rose couldnt just up and move back to new york but they kept their relationship online/phones/dream charms throughout high school but then rose got accepted into nyu!!! cuz shes smart and successful and whatnot

and jake ends up going to a smaller school in nyc but they still go to school in the same area and they date for realz and they love it a lot

ohshit i forgot about rose’s twin sister okay during the high school times rose and jake, while in dreams together but they also met up during the summers, and they tried to find out what happened to rose’s sister since her parents actually do not know and have no memory OF rose being a twin

and it turns out that the crystal skulls did a little ~*~exchange~*~ type thing when jake had rose stay with her parents, another creepy organization came along and took rose’s sister (daisy?? lily?? no no IRIS. iris definitely :D) and shes been with them

idk what kind of organization tho but she looks just like rose only she has way shorter hair and straight bangs and they save her and she