Mortal Kombat Ship Summaries

Your biggest fangirl and emerald
Weed guy and the new one
Blind guy and community soul dumpster
That fire spider and the nICE guy
Powerful woman and lame actor with his name as a tattoo
Cowboy and sassy teen boy
Lizard and Big Blue
Jungle lady and teeth girl
Mr flashy pants and best blow job man
Ketchup bot and robot mustard
Princess bubblecage and jacquiline

lines from camping


Adam: nawww, i just wanna fuck you.


me: no seriously jacqueline look, i can go dance in front of this girl and she’s mine *proves it*

Jacquiline: ohmygod. he has the dance moves of jesus.


me: and then harry had his wand at ready for just when snape reached for his.


me: ed, should i close the tent?

ed: no, fuck it, just leave it open. i love mosquito bites. yes, you retard, close the fucking tent.


me: HOOOOLLLLYYYY shit! guys…. i branded myself.