lines from camping


Adam: nawww, i just wanna fuck you.


me: no seriously jacqueline look, i can go dance in front of this girl and she’s mine *proves it*

Jacquiline: ohmygod. he has the dance moves of jesus.


me: and then harry had his wand at ready for just when snape reached for his.


me: ed, should i close the tent?

ed: no, fuck it, just leave it open. i love mosquito bites. yes, you retard, close the fucking tent.


me: HOOOOLLLLYYYY shit! guys…. i branded myself.


When Teenage Girls Kill
Jacquiline Reynolds

On the 14th of May 1997 in Florida, 17 year old Jacquiline Reynolds brutally stabbed her adoptive mum Billie Jean Reynolds, 25 times. The story gets deeper…

The Reynolds adopted Jacquiline as a child, and they were a loving church going family, but Jacquiline always wanted her own way. As a teen she met Carlos Infante, and he became her boyfriend. Before the murder, the pair were about to split up, but in desperation she told Carlos she was pregnant. Excited, Billie went to buy a test, but when it turned negative she was annoyed and refused to talk to her daughter. Infante was going to be killed before she got caught, so no one else could be with him.

Jacquline was diagnosed with psychiatric and emotional problems, and in 2000 was sentenced to 30 years. In 2001, this was reduced to 21 years.