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HISTORY MEME | FASCINATING WOMEN [5/10} → Jacquetta of Luxembourg (1416-1472)

Jacquetta, the daughter of Count Saint-Pol of Luxembourg, a family said to have traced their ancestry back to the water goddess Melusine, was first married at the age of seventeen to the Duke of Bedford (half-brother to King Henry V) and lived with him in France where he served as the regent for his nephew Henry VI. Bedford fell ill and died in 1435 leaving Jacquetta free to marry again. Unusually, she made her own choice and was married in secret to Richard Woodville, a minor squire to her former husband. As a member of the royal family Jacquetta was not allowed to marry without permission and the couple had to beg the pardon of King Henry VI and pay a fine before they were restored to favour and she and Richard became important figures in his court. By the mid-1440s, the Woodvilles were in a powerful position. Jacquetta was related to both King Henry and Queen Margaret of Anjou. Her sister, Isabelle de Saint-Pol, married Margaret’s uncle Charles de Maine of Anjou while Jacquetta was the widow of Henry VI’s uncle. As royalty, she outranked all ladies at court, with the exception of the Queen. As a personal favourite and close relative of the Queen, she also enjoyed special privileges and influence at court. Jacquetta raised twelve surviving children; her oldest daughter was Elizabeth whose second husband was King Edward IV. After the marriage Jacquetta and her husband switched their allegiance from the Lancastrians of Henry VI, and allied themselves with King Edward and the Yorkist cause.

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