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Philippa Gregory books titles+the historical woman they’re about. 

The White Queen (2013 miniseries), Ep. 2 “The Price of Power”

You will always be my Elizabeth. I’m so very proud of you.

‘Women saved London in February 1461, a fact recorded in the contemporary chronicles but ignored in too many accounts of the wars of the roses. We can only wonder at what Margaret and Jacquetta discussed as they met to decide the city’s fate. Did these two friends recall the innocence of 1445 - just sixteen years earlier - when the Duchess of Bedford and Sir Richard Woodville escorted the fifteen year old Margaret across the Channel to her new country and husband? Did they reflect on the ironies of the changed circumstances? Did they lament the hopes dashed by the miseries of men fighting for power? Did they foresee the future of continuing conflict and the annihilation of most of their loved ones? In these wars of the cousins, personal ties were severed with the swing of a sword, yet in the days following the second battle of St. Albans, personal trust saved the city of London.’

- Arlene Okerlund, p. 56; Elizabeth: The Slandered Queen