He’s a four-time World Champion who has earned the titles won, but now Red Bull Racing is treating him like they were to Mark Webber. They seem to have decided to focus only on Daniel Ricciardo. Now they want to “kill” Sebastian [Vettel] because the German is not able to give another image of Red Bull. Of course, he cannot stand one more season. Helmut Marko has now also started to criticise him. When you lose control of the team and the policy begins to have an ever-increasing weight, you’re finished. Vettel is finished there, he needs to change team.
—   Jacques Villeneuve 

epic moments …

Michael Schumacher (Ferrari F310) overtaking Jacques Villeneuve (Rothmans WIlliams-Renault FW18), 1996 Spanish Grand Prix, Montmélo

the 1996 Spanish Grand Prix is definitely one of those epic moments in F1 history & many even consider it Schumacher’s greatest win
despite being almost 1 second slower than the Williams cars in the dry, during the torrential conditions of Sunday’s race he totally outclassed the rest of the field, lapping 2 to 3 seconds faster than the rest, resulting in only 2 drivers (Alesi & Villeneuve) finishing in the same lap as Michael
his car even run on 9 cyclinders for a period of time during the race ;.. epic stuff

read more about it here, http://f1greatestraces.blogspot.be/2011/09/1996-spanish-grand-prix-circuit-de.html


17/30 Felipe Massa at USA GP in 2006. He will finish on his second podium after European GP in may. He finishes at the second place, just behind Schumacher. He has a lead of race during 29 laps.