Verstappen: Villeneuve is the one who killed someone

Red Bull’s teenage racer Max Verstappen responded to Jacques Villeneuve’s criticism of his aggressive racing style by referencing the unfortunate incident involving the Canadian which claimed the life of a race marshal.

The 1997 F1 champion was one of many to speak out against the young Dutchman, stating that he “is going to kill someone” if he doesn’t “calm down” on the track.

Verstappen was asked about the criticism ahead of the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, and he didn’t hold back.

“He should watch a little with his statements that someone dies, because he himself has killed someone," Verstappen told Dutch website NOS.

The comments refer to the individual who died at the 2001 Australian Grand Prix when hit by debris from Villeneuve’s car.

"He has to look at himself. I think what he says is not respectful to the family of the deceased marshal.”

Villeneuve’s comments also included an insinuation that nobody comes down harder on Max because of his huge star potential.

“It looks like he’s got protection. They want him to be a star, ” said Villeneuve.

“Mostly if you had a bad start, just accept it. But that is not what’s bad. It’s after that, he complains about other drivers: ‘They destroyed my race’,“ he added.

"Relax, relax. You know you took a big risk [by going up the inside] and it did not pay off. You destroyed their race and you destroyed your own race. That’s fine. That’s life.”