jacqueline stewart

When you're so into Doctor Who you even dream about it.

Seriously. Some of these dream masterpieces include:

-Steven and I are in a city, and a group of alien women appear, claiming they’ll give cake. The two of us go forward, expecting cake, we get bread instead.

-Jacqueline Hill is alive and still acting, I go see a movie she’s in in the theatre, or she’s filming in Portugal for some reason (this one happens several times).

-weird scary statues follow me in this creepy forest. The Eighth Doctor is also there, but is to busy talking about bones.

-Paul McGann lives across the street. That’s it.

-Ace was a Ganger. That’s it.

-Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred take my old class on a road trip.

-Sylvester rules the world, and there was a lot of statues of him (but he didn’t have clothes on…)

-the Second Doctor repeatedly yelling for Jamie. That’s it.

-the Third Doctor, the Second Doctor, Jo and the Brigadier attend a wedding. Jo is pregnant and the third Doctor is the father? Also the two Doctors distract a guard by flirting?

-the Seventh Doctor and Ace break into a school, where Sylvester McCoy taught about hats.

-the Seventh Doctor and Ace go to Shangrilah (I forgot how you write that) to defeat this creature and they find the Eleventh Doctor in a room, because he got kicked out of the TARDIS.

-the Doctor and Ace get into a ship using fake passports. Then there’s a ball and they dance.

-Ace knows how to play the guitar! The only song she knows is Blurred Lines. She’s not happy.

-the First Doctor, Vicki, Barbara and Ian are on a deadly game show on Vortis. Two dudes want to sell Ian some trousers that cost 600 euros. Ian wants 100% discount (1st time I watched the web planet was at midnight sue me).

End of the journey through my subconscious.


The title of “Dauphine of France,” was given to the wife of the heir-apparent to the French Throne.

The following are Dauphines of France married to members of the House of Valois:

Joanna of Bourbon - Became the first Dauphine when her husband, Charles, received the title of Dauphin, the first heir-apparent to the throne to do so on August 22nd, 1350. She would become Queen on April 8th, 1364, when her husband took the throne as Charles V.

Margaret of Burgundy - Was the wife of Louis of Guyenne, one of the sons of Charles VI. She became Dauphine when she married him on August 31st, 1412. She ended up outliving her husband, who died on December 18th, 1415, and thus she was never Queen.

Jacqueline of Holland - She was married to John of Touraine, a son of Charles VI. She became Dauphine when her husband’s older brother died and he became Dauphin, on December 18th, 1415. John would pre-decease her on April 4th, 1417, meaning she never became Queen.

Margaret Stewart of Scotland - Was the first wife of Louis, eldest son of Charles VII, and because Dauphine upon their marriage on June 24th, 1436. She would die unexpectedly on August 16th, 1445, at the young age of 20, before her husband became King, so she was never Queen.

Charlotte of Savoy - The second wife of Charles VII’s eldest son Louis, she became Dauphine when they were married on February 14th, 1451. Her husband became King as Louis XI upon his father’s death on July 22nd, 1461, and she became his Queen.

Catherine de’ Medici - The wife of Henry, second son of Francis I, she became Dauphine when her husband’s older brother died on August 10th, 1536. She became Queen on March 31st, 1547, when her husband took the throne as Henry II.

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots - Already Queen of Scotland in her own right, she became Dauphine when she married Francis, eldest son of Henry II, on April 24th, 1558. She became Queen of France when her husband took the throne as Francis II on July 10th, 1559.