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Yuri on Ice Lovechildren AU


What I want is for you to fight back! I watched you return to New York with nothing, and claw your way to the top, and I thought, “Finally! Here is the Raphael to my Michaelangelo, the Leibniz to my Newton, the Lululemon to my Fabletics by Kate Hudson!” Don’t quit! “How dull it is to pause, to make an end, to rust unburnish’d, not to shine in use!” Unseat me as Alpha Mom, as I did Jenny Chamberlain at last year’s Christmas Ho-Ho-Hoedown!
You’re insane.


Happy 100th Birthday,  John Fitzgerald “Jack” Kennedy (29 May 1917 – 22 November 1963)!!  He was better known as JFK, the 35th President of the United States.  He was a member of the Democratic Party and represented Massachusetts in the United States House of Representatives and United States Senate.  JFK graduated from Harvard University and served as a LT in the U.S. Navy Reserve during WWII.  He married Jacqueline Lee “Jackie” Bouvier in 1953 and they had 2 children.


Some recent artworks I created while Artist-in-Residence at the Penland School of Crafts, and as a fellow at the Hambidge Center for Creative Arts & Sciences, Georgia, this year.  At Hambidge I focused on creating site-specific works with paint from my “Painting the Landscape” series. More details on my website www.jacquelinerushlee.com

Landscape Book (Fired Book) 2017

Fall Line(s). From “ResurgencePainting the Landscape Series, 2017.    Site-specific Installation of draped Paint installed within the interior of the Spring House, Hambidge Center, Georgia. (Exterior of Spring House pictured).

Floating Landscape Sky Blue Paint on Water 2017. Dye Shed Ruins, Hambidge Center, Georgia

After taking Jubilee to fight Nazi Vampires in a sunken U Boat off the coast of Florida, (why does nobody believe her when she tells that story?) Captain America put her in touch with Spitfire, thinking the two had a lot in common.

They have long phone conversations about being Vampire Super Heroines and motherhood and immortality. Jubilee enthusiastically ships Spitfire/Blade and teases Lady J about being a cougar. Jaqueline admires how positive Jubilee has remained even with everything that’s happened to her and she feels fiercely protective of the little family Jubilee has formed with Shogo - having lost her own son (twice) she would do anything to prevent this young woman from ever going through that pain.