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Grimm: Theresa Rubel [ESTJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING: by Charity / the mod.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Trubel believes in a direct line of communication and that behavior says more than words; she often takes matters into her own hands when it comes to taking care of the people she cares about and ensuring her friends do not get hurt. Her tendency to “take charge” and “rush in” with the first logical solution that presents itself (going undercover, slamming around guys who want to harm Nick, etc) sometimes gets her into trouble. She is straightforward, and makes purely tactical decisions, without sentiment or allowing emotions to get in the way; at times, she pushes Nick to do the “logical” thing (“You gotta do what you gotta do”); the facts are the facts, and there’s no getting around them. She especially loves studying Nick’s books, because they contain all kinds of facts-oriented information about supernatural creatures.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Her traumatic upbringing, starting with an attack in a garage and escalating through various other creatures trying to kill her, has made Trubel shy away from allowing others to get too close to her, because she expects a cycle of betrayal, fear, and abuse. She expects the same things to happen over and over again, and until she meets Nick, they do – people try to prey on her, they woge, discern she is a Grimm, and then try to kill her. Her makeshift family matters more to her than anything else. She feels relieved to know what she is, what her purpose is, and to have guidance in the form of the books, which links her to a greater Grimm legacy and heritage. Once she becomes aware of the books, she starts reading them to get as much knowledge as she possibly can in dealing with unknown creatures.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): She is used to doing things on her own, but over time she learns to brainstorm with the others and bounce possibilities off of them. Trubel senses things about people based on observation and experience; she knows when she is being threatened or followed. Often, Trubel thinks in big picture terms – what her presence in the house means for Nick and Juliette, how being a Grimm when he isn’t might endanger them, and that she is needed elsewhere.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Whatever Trubel cares most about, she prioritizes – and that is Nick. She becomes devoted to him and his friends, but doesn’t say as much very often and shies away from any kind of emotional communication; she says goodbye to him but no one else because she doesn’t want to appear vulnerable. Trubel often acts on her emotions rather than talk about them – including threatening to beat the crap out of anyone who even thinks about hurting her friends. She does what she likes – whether or not the others are okay with it.