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foxy-alien  asked:

Do you have any good Barry Bluejeans shirts? I have like zero ideas and my boy deserves the best, I figured tumblrs residential Barry expert would know

Hoo boy i hope what you meant is “please construct a barry bluejeans look book” otherwise you are not ready for my answer to this question

Are these clothes that Barry would wear? Maybe. Are they clothes I WANT him to wear? Most definitely. Please enjoy. More under a cut for the safety of everyone’s dashboards.  

Calvin Klein Men’s Chill Indigo Denim Shirt from Macy’s

Ring of Fire Light Men’s Patch Denim Jacket from Macy’s 

Paa Men’s Pocket Tee in White from Garmentory

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Camoshita AW16 - Pitti Uomo 89 Preview

If there was ever a brand whom I constantly turned to for inspiration on a variety of menswear related subjects, it was most definitely Camoshita. In my opinion, Yasuto Kamoshita is, along with fellow United Arrows mastermind Hirofumi Kurino, one of the most influential creative personas in the current men’s “fashion” scene. Influential not in a hyped sense, but in a much profound and ultimately richer one: his unique interpretation of men’s style explores the core essence of menswear in a transversal manner, superbly merging influences from both Western and Eastern cultures.

His unparalleled knowledge of distinct styles such as American Ivy League and Italian sprezzatura, allow Yasuto Kamoshita to subtly imbue them with a trademark Japanese touch, resulting in a unique blend of garments that exude sophistication the moment you lay eyes upon them. The unmatched mix of graphic patterns, textures, lengths and proportions, along with an inherent comprehension of how formal and casual can seamlessly coexist within an ensemble, is only surpassed by the distinct color combinations on display. 

The brand continuously delivers an uncanny color palette, often overlooked by many, out of fear or ignorance… however, when you’re faced with micro patterned maroon polos mixed with mustard jacquard knits and a range of brown, burgundy and turquoise, you can’t help but feel utterly overwhelmed on all fronts: both by his foresighted genius and your inability to understand the full potential of those combinations. 

Miguel Amaral Vieira

An aviary filled with eccentric curiosities in the Gucci Pre-Fall 2016 campaign. A silk patched bomber, silk shirt, duchesse satin printed skirt and boots with tiger head spur hardware. An embroidered cardigan, wool pajama pants, Cambridge shirt and beret. Rose organza embroidered gown. An embroidered intarsia knit and patched jeans. A wool jacquard knit and patched denim pant.

Stand Out in the Season’s Coolest Camouflage

14 camo-print pieces for every kind of girl

The irony of camouflage as a statement print does not escape us, but we couldn’t be happier with the current styles available right now, from our favorite high street stores and designers alike. With a mix of colors and styles, there’s something for everyone, so wherever you fall on the style spectrum, we’ve got you covered. Choose from Saint Laurent’s redux of the classic camo jacket, which we can totally see Emmanuelle Alt wearing with black skinny jeans and heels, adidas’s cool blue sneakers, and much, much more, below.

Blogger Sara Escudero of Collage Vintage

Faux Fur Boyfriend Coat

Camouflage-print cotton-gabardine jacket

Camouflage Fur Coat

CARVEN Short dresses

Milk It Vintage Camo Hooded Parka Coat

Daisy Street Oversized Shirt in Camo Print

Camo Jacquard Knit Crop Sweater

WOOYOUNGMI camouflage print T-shirt

T-Shirt “Margiela Camo”

Current/Elliott Trousers - The Drawstring Lounge

Rocket Skinny

‘Crosby’ Crew Socks

Adidas Originals Racer Lite Navy Print Sneakers

Camouflage Leather Sneakers

Camo Silk Scarf

Valentino Psychedelic Rockstud Camo Zip Pouch

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Tight Advice

How to keep your tights from snagging, plus the best new tights 

It’s that time of year when it’s too cold to throw on a dress or skirt without a pair of tights. When pulling on these delicate necessities, we all know how fragile they are. Lucky for you, we’re sharing six helpful tips to keep your tights in the best shape. Read our helpful hints below and update your collection with the best sheer, knit and opaque tights of the season.

6 Tips to Keep Your Tights from Snagging

1. Keep your toenails and fingernails filed. You don’t want to have jagged edges that could possibly snag your tights.

2. Once you put your tights on, give them a light spray with your hairspray to make them stronger and more resistant to snags.

3. Don’t sit on rough surfaces. Especially if you’re not wearing thicker knit tights.

4. Carry a bottle of clear nail polish in your purse just in case you get a tiny snag. If you do, brush a little lacquer over the tear to prevent it from running.

5. If you’re wearing boots or shoes that rub, make sure you wear socks on top of the tights. 

6. Hand wash your tights always. Use gentle detergent if you have it and hang them to dry.

Shop New Arrivals: Tights

From Wolford’s sheer polka dot nylons to Forever 21’s ribbed sweater version, shop the newest tights on Wantering below! And don’t forget to utilize the six helpful tips above to keep your tights snag free.


Blogger Peony Lim wearing sheer tights by Falke.

Wolford Tessa Sheer Tights, Black

Wolford Leonie Polka Dot Tights

Tapestry Lace Tights

HUE Tights - Illusion Thigh High #U14815


Blogger Dantelle + Fleurs shares some inspiring tights images on her blog here.

Knit Combo Tights

Marled Diamond-Patterned Tights

Ribbed Sweater Tight

Jacquard-knit Tights

Glitter knitted tights


Opaque tights at Saint Laurent Fall 2014.

COMME DES GARCONS print tights

Opaque Tights Pack

Satin Finish Perfect Tights

Matte Opaque Tights - Anthracite