Day 18: Favourite Bird

Sigilyph isn’t just a bird, it is the bird, the distilled essence of all beaked animals that soar through the sky on feathered wings. As such it is clearly the only correct answer.

Actually I was going to draw Murkrow but Schazer already did and I don’t think I could out-bird her if I tried, so I picked something else.

I wonder if Unown and Sigilyph are related? They’re both basically living language, and that is a pretty wonderful concept.

After giving this guy a bit of a makeover I feel like this is probably something I could draw consistently on a regular basis, needs less monochrome colours still probably

also this is clearly far too big for any reasonable panel size please full view it

maybe… maybe I will give him a less dumb name too…
that hinges on me actually thinking of one though which I probably won’t

I’m probably gonna have to draw some backgrounds before I commit to this art style too because with outlines there’s a good chance everything I draw would dissolve into some tangled black web when assembled, coloured lines would probably help

if I don’t end up drawing everything with thick borders I’ll have to think of another way of doing his legs though, probably that would be “give them actual joints”

December 10th: Favourite Fire Type

If you have followed me for a long time and couldn’t fairly quickly guess that my favourite fire pokemon is the biggest, poofiest moth in the pokemon world then you should feel slightly ashamed.

I am embarassingly pleased with how this turned out. Unlike most of my drawings there wasn’t even a single step where I thought it was going to look awful.

Not even in Pokemon world could legs that small support this creature

I was going to start doing spritemon but I didn’t think I could do the pokedex entry “Doduo’s two heads never sleep at the same time. Its two heads take turns sleeping, so one head can always keep watch for enemies while the other one sleeps.” justice in tiny form.

(if the high-res button doesn’t appear for whatever reason)

When I said I was too tired to draw this earlier it turned out I was wrong

This is Solaris’s monster Princess Beautidine, technically he hasn’t actually finished writing her profile yet (I’m not even sure that’s the final name) but I love his idea too much to wait until that’s done to try drawing a picture of her


Whoa I’m finally done with that thing I’ve been working on for the past two weeks.

Well… mostly done. Done with everything I can do before Monday anyway, and with anything that would be noticeable to an outside observer.

For this project I was briefed to make a two-level side scrolling shooter that would run on the Caanoo, otherwise known as the world’s most pathetic handheld computing device. The real idea behind this module is learning how to code for limited systems like handhelds and consoles, the basics of memory management and optimisation, so the game is only actually worth 25% of my mark. 

Because we’re mostly just building something in order to get it to run faster for the other half of the module’s evaluation, we were ordered to just make something simple, so as much as I’d have liked to do something clever this is basically just your bog standard side-scrolling shooting game. You don’t even have multiple weapons! 

Still, I’m sort of proud of it considering how fast I managed to bang it out so if you want to give it a go then there should be a working download link here
You’ll have to dig around in the Source folder for the .exe file, I tried to neaten it up with shortcuts but unfortunately that just made the relative paths break and I can’t be bothered to reorganise the whole file system now.

I made all the graphics myself but as I lack any form of musical talent I had to grab that off Newgrounds. The menu music was sourced from here, and the main music from here. They’re both marked “Noncommercial” rather than “Don’t use this” so as far as I can tell they’re ok with it as long as I give credit to the artists. Which I just did. 


I thought there must already be a bug/psychic pokemon because like half of them know Confusion, so this would end up just being a self-indulgent design rather than anything new, but apparently it turns out there isn’t. 

It’s still self-indulgent in that it’s like the fiftieth moth pokemon though. 

Captias is named for the Actias moth genus, and “Cap”. You can probably guess the other two, though Lepidotrap I will admit is a bit of a stretch (and one letter longer than the game character limit)

Not sold on that name, the colour scheme or in fact much of Pupillow at all except for that pun (maybe I should lose the wings and antennae so it looks more like a pillow) but there’s like four months until I can draw pokemon in earnest so I have time to make up my mind

but I digress, I need to reteach myself to draw things in a timely fashion, Solaris told me that I need to draw more pokemon because I’m still several hundred away from drawing all of them and also I got a monoprice tablet for christmas so I suppose I am finally going to abandon the old ways of drawing everything with a mouse

clearly not really using this properly yet and I’m not sure how I’m going to adapt my previous lineless colour blocks style to work with this (maybe I just won’t ???) but it’s certainly faster than using a cursor

one of those isn’t a pokemon

DAY ONE- favourite pokemon which is numbered 229


meant to be kind of jumping up at someone in excitement but maybe it’s just doing a velociraptor impression

I was worried I overdid the muscles on its limbs while it was just a bundle of messy lines but fortunately with the armour that went away

I am hopeless at drawing dog feet, the tail bones are kind of fucked too but I wanted to be done at that point

I probably won’t draw 3 more to catch up today b/c starbound came out and also it is a WoW night

Do you know how many Ice Pokemon there are? Barely any

I was trying to steer away from legendaries just because but pretty much everyone is already drawing Sneasel/Weaville so I had to resort to braille dubstep geometry golem. 

The pose is not very exciting but (and this is going to sound like a really lame excuse) I actually have a hard time imagining it doing anything else? Like, it’s pretty much an ice robot, it is content to just sit like that for thousands of years doing nothing in a cave. Even the official sprite animations just have bits of it rotate at predictable angles.

Just as well that he’s so easy to draw really considering how dissatisfied I was with yesterday’s offering.