Greek Tragedy Hogwarts Houses


  • Oedipus (three theban plays)
  • Odysseus (ajax, trojan women)
  • Creon of Thebes (three theban plays)
  • Creon of Athens (medea)


  • Hecabe (trojan women)
  • Andromache (trojan women)
  • Antigone (three theban plays)


  • Ajax (ajax)
  • Cassandra (trojan women, agamemnon)
  • Agamemnon (agamemnon)


  • Medea (medea)
  • Jason (medea)

7/29 7:24pm

Jacosta *looking at Zach*: Look at that little bitty stomach
Frankie: I still like him.I want to have sex with him.
Christine: Which one?
Frankie: Zach
Christine: to each their own 
Frankie: even like 15 pounds heavier, even 30 pounds heavier I’d still want to have sex with him.

BB Houseguests rn
  • Caleb: I am the king of this house, I will protect my queen even though she is not interested in me. I don't care, I'll eat a pickle to go on a date with her even though she's not interested in me. I love her all I do is save her how dare she not be interested in me we have so much chemistry.
  • Amber: I just... I... sorry, no. Caleb, no.
  • Victoria: I keep winning! I won one competition by default. All I do is win!
  • Cody: I am ridiculously attractive.
  • Donny: *makes cricket noise* I'm adorable.
  • Jacosta: God is bae.
  • Derrick: Team America.
  • Zach: I hate everyone in this house! Except for Frankie, I love Frankie. I mean, I'm not gay but I want to sit on his dick.
  • Frankie: Zach is crazy but he rubs my back <3
  • Christine: You guys, you will not believe what someone just told me.
  • Hayden: Nicole, you're so hot.
  • Nicole: Hayden!