Pedroia sustained his injury on Opening Day in Yankee Stadium sliding headfirst into first base. A  MRI revealed the ligament tear, and the course of recommended treatment was surgery. "We had a day off and I got checked out and then I got this news,“ Pedroia said. "I’m driving home and I’m just sick about it. Then I get this text from Jacoby. He says, ‘Are you OK?’ "I tell him, 'I’ve torn the ligaments in my thumb. I might need surgery,’” Pedroia recalled. “He comes back with, 'Is there any way you can play through it? We need you.’” Until that moment, Pedroia admitted, he was mentally preparing to undergo the operation, be fitted for a cast and be sidelined for weeks. “Jacoby hasn’t said something like that to me in seven years we’ve been together,” Pedroia said. “I looked at [my wife] Kelli, and I told her about Jacoby’s text. Then I said, 'I gotta play with this. He would do it for me. All the guys would. I have to do it for them.’ He’s been a great teammate, a huge part of our team. I’ll be really happy if I show up to spring training and see him there.” [x]