jacoby miles



After a run-in with the police, a teenager awakens in a mysterious hotel. Nothing is as it seems.

Vacancy is directed and produced by Sierra Isley and Sydney Stanley. Starring Sydney Stanley as Alice, Ryan Lambert as Miles, Jacobi Hollingshed as Damon, and Destinee RaeAnn as Corinne. The cast and crew is made up entirely of real teenagers. Vacancy is dedicated to fairly representing teens in the media as well shining light on topics such as gender identity, sexuality, mental illness and more.

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As a local gymnast in the Pierce county area I am praying for Jacoby Miles. If you don’t know the story on November 17th, 2012 she as a level 9 gymnast (at 15 years old) sustained a serious neck injury on the uneven bars while performing a maneuver in her routine. She was transported to Harborview medical center and underwent surgery, but is still going through serious recovery and is now paralyzed from the neck down.

If you want to help all proceeds from the book in the link below go to her recovery.