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Hey, so I don't know if you already answered this, but what hogwarts houses are you, the creators, and their characters in? Also, do you spend a lot of time together when you aren't doing w359 things? Thanks for always communicating with the fandom, and I think you're all really amazing 💕 also, what do you think about stabby the roomba?

Aw, thanks so much! And yeah, I think we’ve answered The Hogwarts Question™ (and kind of answered it differently) at various points in time. But I can confidently say that @personalinsanitymoment and I are both Ravenclaws. @iamzachvalenti I could see as either a Hufflepuff or a Slytherin, so I’ll let him make the final decision there. And I have no thoughts worth sharing on Stabby the Roomba.  

Now, as to the crew… this is my completely arbitrary list, and not at all the official position of The Show: 
Eiffel - Hufflepuff
Minkowski - Gryffindor 
Hera - Ravenclaw
Hilbert - Slytherin 

Lovelace - Slytherin 
Kepler - Slytherin 
Jacobi - Gryffindor 
Maxwell - Ravenclaw 

Lambert - Gryffindor 
Fisher - Hufflepuff 
Hui - Gryffindor 
Fourier - Ravenclaw
Rhea - Hufflepuff  

Cutter & Pryce aren’t wizards but they are still scarier than any wizard living. 

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