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Photos: Bernard DUPONT

Jaguar male displays the classic Flehmen response. By curling back the lips in a grimace and exposing the roof of the mouth, pheromones in the air are transferred to the vomeronasal (Jacobson’s) organ located above the palate. This behavior is exhibited by many species of mammals, including cats, and functions as a way to “test” the chemical content in the urine (or feces) of the animal that left it behind.

Summer Festivals


Len (lenreli​): Jacobson’s Organ AU, Kaneki following Hide around

Warning for perpetually horny Kaneki. RIP, Kaneki’s dignity. All this AU does is murder it.

It’s a lovely summer day, even the birds are out and about, spreading their cheer and goodwill with song.

That’s what had Hide said when he had dragged Kaneki out of their apartment on a perfectly good Sunday. A fantastic Sunday, even, for staying in. A day all to themselves. No work, no responsibilities, just the two of them…

Kaneki hates the birds more than a little.

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A gorgeous Rock Monitor exploring it’s environment by picking up scent particles on its forked tongue and drawing the back and onto the Jacobson Organ located in the roof of the mouth, where it is then interpreted by the brain.

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[[ Headcanon Update! :D

So I notice my cat sometimes makes faces after sniffing things (Usually my feet) xD and got curious as to WHY… apparently cats have what is called a jacobson’s organ, and that open mouth response is called the Flehman Response.

Since my Endermen rely heavily on scent, and they can tell a LOT about eachother through scent, and attract mates through pheramones, it only makes sense that they would have this organ as well.

This means that when Vyyr catches certain scents he’ll open his mouth and take in some air, to read more of the scent. Most of this is subconscious and reflexive, but one little breath of your scent can tell him a LOT about his surroundings.

Because of this heightened sense, sometimes odd smells, or even bad ones catch his attention… and since he is pretty much literally tasting the scent he makes the funniest faces at certain scents!