jacobs legacy

Stranger’s eyes don’t see
How in my small room I open a door
And begin my nightly stroll among the graves
(How much earth – if you can call it earth – does it take to bury smoke?)
There are valleys and hills
and hidden twisted paths,
enough to last a whole night’s journey.
In the dark I see shining towards me
faces of epitaphs
wailing their song.
Graves of the whole
vanished Jewish world
blossom in my one-man tent.
And I pray:
Be a father, a mother to me,
a sister, a brother,
my own children, body-kin,
real as pain,
from my own blood and skin.
be my own dead,
let me grasp and take in
these destroyed millions.

At dawn I shut the door
to my people’s house of death.
I sit at the table and doze off,
humming a tune.
The enemy had no dominion over them.
Fathers, mothers, children from their cradles
ringed around death and overcame him.
All the children, astonished,
ran to meet the fear of death
without tears, like little Jewish bedtime stories.
And soon they flickered into flames
like small namesakes of God.

Who else, like me, has
his own nighttime
dead garden?
Who is destined for this, as am I?
Who has so much dead earth waiting for him, as for me?
And when I die
who shall inherit my small house of death
and that shining gift, an eternal deathday light
forever flickering?

—  Jacob Glatstein, Nightsong (translated from Yiddish by Ruth Whitman)

They managed to catch their neighbours the following day, however. Audrey was just standing around on the pavement outside??

Joey: “Hello there, little miss! Should you be out here all by yourself?”

Audrey: *silent staring*

If there is any legacy to these two shows I hope it would be that the first show demonstrated that the most wonderful thing the world offers is love. But then I read articles written on college campuses about the difficulties of trying to be Cory and Topanga. So the second show offers the potential true friendship. Cory and Topanga were meant to be forever. So are Riley and Maya. Our legacy? As you meet the world, love and friendship help you through.

anonymous asked:

Do you honestly see Maya and Lucas having a love story like Cory and Topanga? I mean c'mon they'd probably last a solid 4 episodes and then break up. Like there's a reason the show keeps bringing up the time Riley fell on Lucas' lap on the subway.

You know C&T broke up like…three or four times after they got officially together, right? Even after they’d said “I love you” several times, they had fights and break-ups and near break-ups. They didn’t just get together and magically have a perfect easy relationship, they had to fight for it, and fight hard. I expect Lucaya to have a road AT LEAST as bumpy as Corpanga’s if not moreso. And even then they may not make it. But that’s completely separate from whether Rilucas can make it or not.

Yes, there’s a reason they keep bringing up the subway. But I promise you right now: it ain’t because getting pushed onto a stranger’s lap on the subway and deciding you “love IT” at age twelve is true deep forever love in the GMW/BMW universe. Do y'all honestly think Michael Jacobs & Co are telling a story about how real romantic love is based on a foundation of falling for a pretty face and decent manners without knowing anything about who that person really truly is inside? And then feeling the exact same way romantically nearly two years later? I mean you do you I guess, but as for me I’m gonna look at things based on what we know of the actual showrunner’s philosophy on life and love, not what I personally believe or want.

There are seven seasons of BMW with multiple relationships (not just Corpanga) through which we can get deep insight to what Jacobs & Co believe about *real* romantic love. There are two seasons of Zoey, Duncan, Jack & Jane where the same philosophy shines through in a completely separate fictional universe. Even Dinosaurs has some illuminating content on the matter. There are multiple in-depth interviews with Jacobs (and Blutman and Nelson too sometimes). People who analyze this show through the lens of their own personal beliefs & desires instead of basing their analysis on what the CREATORS have shown their beliefs to be over the course of several decades are gonna have a bad time this summer, tbh. People who analyze this show based on a handful of out-of-context interview quotes instead of on a comprehensive understanding of the showrunner’s body of creative work + IN CONTEXT interviews are also gonna have a bad time. Every time I’ve ever veered off that path, every time I’ve ever inserted my personal beliefs into this (which does happen even though I consciously try to avoid that), I come to bad/faulty conclusions, just like the people who don’t even TRY to check their personal beliefs and desires in the first place.